Fig-tionary – March 30, 2005

k-rot (Props to Mr. Burgess for this one)

  1. Function: noun – Karate – Usage: Mr. Burgess can’t make it to the theatre today. He has to go to k-rot.

k-rotstitute (Jorge came up with this while engaged in a chat with Suzy)

  1. Function: transitive verb – to offer indiscriminately for assistance in Karate classes – Usage: Jorge wishes he could assist in class. He’s always wanted to k-rotstitute himself.

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These Are the Daves I Know…

I have a few friends named Dave. Two of these guys are my among my closest friends (and members of my assassin squad/glee club). The Dave in this particular entry is the one we refer to as the bald gay man or just simply D.

Today we had a goofy exchange of words. I could make this into a regular feature, given how frequently we have conversations that contain stupid dialogue. However, I will only do this occasionally, because the world can only handle so much unbridled genius.


[Dave and Jorge are embroiled in a bitter game of Trivial Pursuit. Jorge just answered a question incorrectly.]
Dave: You were wrong. The answer is Boston.
Jorge: Boston Massachusetts?
Dave: No, Boston, India, you idiot.

How about this one…

Jorge: What are you guys doing May long weekend?
Dave: What is that, May?
Jorge: I am SO writing this in my blog.

I thought I would lighten the mood after the post from yesterday.