These Are the Daves I Know…

I have a few friends named Dave. Two of these guys are my among my closest friends (and members of my assassin squad/glee club). The Dave in this particular entry is the one we refer to as the bald gay man or just simply D.

Today we had a goofy exchange of words. I could make this into a regular feature, given how frequently we have conversations that contain stupid dialogue. However, I will only do this occasionally, because the world can only handle so much unbridled genius.


[Dave and Jorge are embroiled in a bitter game of Trivial Pursuit. Jorge just answered a question incorrectly.]
Dave: You were wrong. The answer is Boston.
Jorge: Boston Massachusetts?
Dave: No, Boston, India, you idiot.

How about this one…

Jorge: What are you guys doing May long weekend?
Dave: What is that, May?
Jorge: I am SO writing this in my blog.

I thought I would lighten the mood after the post from yesterday.

7 Responses

  1. What can I say? Easter was in March this year. I can no longer consider my calendar trustworthy.

  2. Dave in Jorge’s blog
    I hardly know him *cue drumbeat*

  3. So many Daves so little time.

    Jorge, you are NOT authorized to put our MSN chats in your blog. Or else I will send the assassin squad after you. Got it! 😉

  4. Jorge puts his MSN chats in his blog??? I never got that memo. “Zip” (thats the sound of Ian clamming up) 😉

  5. Ian, I really hope that was not your fly. I mean we have good chats, yes, but not those kind. 🙂

    And for the record that chat with Dave was over the phone.

  6. Oh, that’s FUNNY to you guys, eh? Well, you’ll be laughing it up HUGE when my friend from Boston, India hears about this and comes and kicks your asses, Dhalsim-style.


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