Up In Smoke

Take Up Smoking, Win a Prize!

I almost fell out of my chair the other day when I caught the tail end of a news segment about people who are quitting smoking and winning a car.


That’s right – A FREAKIN’ CAR!

Apparently, there is a group of these folks who entered some program to help them quit, and the incentive is that they are entered into a draw. If their urine tests show that they haven’t been smoking for n weeks, then they have a chance of winning the thing.

My question is: What about all the people who don’t ever choose to smoke?

You’d think that they would also be entered into the draw due to the fact that they haven’t exposed anyone else to second hand smoke.


Gotta love modern society…

7 Responses

  1. I should start smoking then. 😉

  2. You know, I have said the same thing to myself and anyone who will listen at least a kabillion times.

  3. But…(warbling lips)…I need a new car… And I’d quit my “smoking if I drink” (terrible but true)…to win that! Maybe it’s a great incentive to get people healthy! Alright, I’ll stop muttering now…knowing that you guys are right… Arg, I hate it when that happens… Is this some sort of parental conspiracy? HA HA… Have a great night…

  4. This just in: They are now giving away cars to postal employees who haven’t shot anyone in the past year, and reformed pushers who haven’t gotten anyone hooked on crack in the past month

  5. If somebody could get me off caffiene, I’d like some motivation to do that. Since diet coke isn’t as unhealthy as smoking, I propose somebody buys me pizza once a week for a year

  6. Shellie, if you do that you will win a free patriot missile!

    Cat is obviously having a bad day. 😉

    But ironically, I had the same thoughts about smokers once. A girl I knew was trying to quit. Her definition of quitting was to get cigarettes from her friends without buying her own

  7. well that just chaps my ass…what a load of shit

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