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  1. Merry Christmas to you as well! I hope to see you over the holidays.

  2. Merry Christmas Jorge. Thanks for the baked goods. They were really good.

  3. Happy Holidays. 🙂 All The Best.

  4. Merry Ho Ho Jorge! Hopefully catch you at Jack’s on Monday! 🙂

  5. Merry Christmas, Mr. Jorge. Yes… i celebrate Christmas and i’m not afraid to say it… merry Christmas to all!

  6. Merry Christmas right back at ya, Jorge. (By the way, I didn’t know you had munchkins!?)

  7. and a merry christmas to you as well. 🙂 patresa

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s, Jorge. Hope Santa brought you everything that you wanted!

  9. Have a Very Merry and a Happy Happy! (munchkins?)

  10. I hope this upcoming year brings you and your family the very best with many wonderful years to follow. Have a grand New Year!!!! TTFN:)

  11. Happy Holidays!! please post? Ladies and Gentlemen…YOU can make a difference in our Canadian Airwaves!!! The CBC is trying something new…they are actually taking our feedback into careful consideration with which comedy pilot they will be picking up for 13 episodes!! All you have to do is tune into CBC on January 3rd at 9pm and watch “Cheap Draft” and then email, call, or fill out a feedback form available at the CBC headquarters and tell these guys how much you loved it!!! This is where we can make a difference to our viewing pleasure! Tell your friends, your mom, your brother…hell even tell that ex you’ve been meaning to call to tune in and speak up!! This is Grassroots Marketing at its finest and I KNOW!! I KNOW DEAR READERS that if you simply SPREAD THE WORD about this show, we can make it happen! Let’s see how much of a difference young hip Canadians who know good humour can make!!! CHEAP DRAFT! 100% pure comedy. http://http://www.cbc.ca/comedyweek/ Award- winning Canadian Writer, Director, Producer and Composer Jay Dahl brings this absurdly original and extremely hilarious show to our television screens!! It premieres January 3rd at 9pm on CBC!! Cheap Draft, Bad Language, Fast Cars, Women and a Video Camera is a half-hour comedy about three friends stumbling through the testosterone fog of their early twenties, one of whom is a passionate filmmaker-wannabe, a self-proclaimed Scorsese-in-the-making who considers no life event too small for a potential award-winning documentary.

  12. Merry Christmas, man. Enjoy the sweet sweet bongo action, you dirty pervert. Cheers, Dave

  13. Happy holidays to you and all of yours as well Jorge. I am delayed of course.. *sigh* slow, slow, slow.. It’s just been too good of a holiday to spend too much time on the PC… My apologies. sol-

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