The Good Parts of the Feud

The Good Parts of the Trip

I was thinking about writing a lengthy introduction about Cuba, but then I realized that I would just be regurgitating things that can be found here. So visit that site if you’re game for a well-written synopsis of Cuba.

I’ll wait for you.



Our trip to Cuba was very relaxing.

That would be the best way to describe it.

No crazy scheduled tours or excursions to parts unknown. We stuck to the resort like glue, and it suited us just fine.

One of the first things I noticed is that even though folks seem to have far less than we do, they are very proud. This translates to a really great time. The folks there are really friendly, and to me it seemed they were that way not only because they had to be, but because they wanted to be.

We spent our week in Holguin, which is located on the Eastern side of Cuba.

The resort, though considered a Five-Star in Cuba, was probably more of a Four-Star elsewhere. Not that I am complaining.

The food was excellent, as was the service.

Our housekeeper was so awesome. We would write her letters in Spanish, and she would reply back, folgding our towels into swans and our blankets into big hearts. She was a sweetie. We actually just sent her a postcard from Toronto.

The best part of the whole vacation was the beach. The sand was nice, and the water was relatively shallow for a good distance.

We had great weather practically every day, and the biggest decision was whether to hang out at the beach or the pool.

We met a lot of really great people as well (which offset the stupid ones). The bartenders were also awesome.

I would definitely go back to Cuba if I had the chance.

Sorry if this seems so short, but we really didn’t do a lot when we went down there. It made for a refreshing stay!

Family Feud

I have two very dear friends, namely Dave and Kris, who are feuding.

Why are they feuding?

I have no idea.

Kris complains that Dave doesn’t really comment enough on her blog.

Dave complains that Kris doesn’t ever return his e-mails.

My good people, how will we end this War of the Roses?

Leave Kris and Dave some advice here, to help them resolve their problem.

Better yet, why don’t you two use this as a forum to work things out, you whiners…

8 Responses

  1. I’m glad that you got the relaxing vacation that you and Mrs. Jorge wanted! I’m already looking forward to mine – six and a half months and counting!

  2. Jorge, can you tell Kris that I’m not speaking to her anymore? And I think WE ALL know why? Remember that thing? That thing she did? And tell her not to pretend like she doesn’t know, cause SHE KNOWS!

  3. having a nice housekeeper during a trip really makes a big difference. its just nice to be able to chat with somebody your going to see every day. our housekeeper on hutchinson island when I was 16 was the sweetest woman. we were so happy to get to know her

  4. Bah! People are always spouting about “working it out”… and such nonsense… this new-age, mamby-pamby crap ain’t gonna fly here anymore! Let’s get a cage, and some vegetable oil, and some midgets… and settle this the good ol’ FASHIONED way! Barring that, as their mutual friend Jorge, it’s YOUR responsibility to CHOOSE A SIDE. Just pick whoever you think is the winner and go with it… probably what’s going to happen is that they will just eventually gang up on you if you don’t… so you might as well have SOMEONE on your side! 🙂 Or you could call both of them secretly and tell them you want to meet with them… you know, like in the movies… only when they arrive, it’s really THEM meeting EACH OTHER… and then lock them in a room until they work it out, or one emerges. Just a few ideas.

  5. Trip to cuba sounds great! I am so envious! Re: Dave & Kris. I havent commented on Jorge’s blog in what….2 weeks! He hasn’t yelled at me….yet. cringe. 😉 hehehe.

  6. now i wanna go to cuba …… advice for them ….well …i tend to say things bluntly ..i don’t know that they wish to hear it ….but I’ll say it .. … stop being babies ……if you are getting mad at eachother over something silly like that …it can only mean one thing …you’re spending too much time at the computer ..and not enough time having sex …lol ….well …the cure to everything is either sex or drinking right ….i didn’t think that drinking would be appropriate for this one …but sex on the other hand … .. Take care Jorge … 🙂 ..TTfN

  7. OH I KNOW, DAVE. I know. But I think we both know what that THING is, dave. I’m pretty sure sleeping with someone’s MOTHER means the same damn thing in canada as it does here. and SCENE.

  8. I didn’t even KNOW ABOUT THAT ONE! I was thinking about the time you offered to show me around DC, and then you took me to that heavy petting zoo.

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