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Things People Want To Know

Once in a while, I will get someone leaving a question in the comments field. Whether or not these questions are rhetorical or not, I don’t know. However, I’ve received enough of these to consider them valid.

I also get some of these questions via e-mail. I figure that if people take the time to e-mail me, I should answer them, whether they care or not.

I’ve grouped some of them together as I believe they are related…

1. How do you remember those conversations you have? Are they for real?

Most of the conversations I post are from chats I’ve had with Dave. Some of them are from years ago. I remember them because I have a pretty good memory. Are they accurate? For the most part. Whenever I am not sure about a part, or I can’t remember a particular line, I’ll consult with Dave.

Dave, though, isn’t the only one I have conversations with. The other conversations that I have logged on here stand out in my memory for some reason or another. It is because they stand out that they are easy to remember.  Funny things are also more easily remembered than boring things.

Unless I have stated otherwise, the conversations actually happened.

2. Do you write all the haiku poems yourself?

Yes. I do. Are all of them good? No. They are not. It is when I get a small number of requests at a time that I can properly address each one. To be honest, I would say for every twenty haiku, I have one that I feel is good. Given that I am at almost nine hundred right now, I think this is pretty respectable.

3. How do you find the time to do this blog?

Well, every night, I leave my computer on. At around 2 AM the keyboard starts clicking as my two cats write my entry for the day. I proof it, and then send it out as my own.

Seriously, I usually write down ideas and store them in a folder. When I am ready for the idea to hit the paper, it usually takes about a half hour to write an entry. Entries, on average, are between eight hundred and a thousand words. I’ll write them at night, or on my lunch break and then post them.

4. Is that picture of the Moon for real?

Yes it is. It’s also on sale. You should buy one, as it is a run of one hundred prints. For the month of November, half the money will go to help kids get better computers for their schools and such.

That’s good for now.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any more questions. You can also use the comments field.

I’m still looking for a tenth entry for my top ten.

KFed Up

This is probably an oft-repeated rant, but I really have to profess that I am sick of the media giving cutesy names to people.

Bennifer, TomKat and Brit are some of the idiotic nicknames given to celebrities.

Shortening people’s names is not always cool.

It makes you wonder what would happen with folks named Peter Nestor, or Vargas Regina.

I find that the whole move towards shortening everything is just causing people to become lazy. So not only do we get these hip ways to refer to people, I’m seeing teens writing complete crap and then wondering why they don’t do well in school.

11 Responses

  1. The moon picture is one of my favourite ones. I didn’t realize you had so many more prints in the PDF catalogue that in the galleries on your site. You should give them the gallery treatment!

  2. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been pretty lazy with that site. I should give them the gallery treatment, sooner than later. Not sure about space though. I have about 500+ photos that are currently in my portfolio, and I still have about 10 pages of negatives that have usable material. That’s a lot of space. I figure if people have an idea as to what they want, they can always ask me. Jorge

  3. Oh you weren’t the only one reading into my post…come back and see what the others had to say….lol HAve a great weekend 🙂

  4. 1. How do you remember those conversations you have? Are they for real? …. c’mon tell the truth …you make everything up ..heheh 2. Do you write all the haiku poems yourself? …same as above …. 3. How do you find the time to do this blog? ….wow ..huh? 4. Is that picture of the Moon for real? ….what do you mean …the moon ain’t made out of cheese? ..i’m diapointed to have my reality broken like that…. yeah what is that ….?? ..combining and shortening names … hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂 ..TTfN

  5. I always asked these questions in my head! Thanks for the answers!

  6. it’s not just teens writing crap. it’s people with university degrees too. example: me…haha. (thou i’m not proud of it, but you know you’re bad when you have to look up just for writting a blog b/c you can’t remember how to spell something!!!)

  7. 1. How do you remember those conversations you have? Are they for real? I picture your conversations involving “Dude, for real?” Then you grab your surfboards and catch some sweet waves on Lake Ontario… no wait. 2. Do you write all the haiku poems yourself? I know Geddy Lee from the Canadian super group RUSH writes them. 3. How do you find the time to do this blog? You have found 25 hours in every day, as opposed to the rest of us schmooos who are so 1990’s with our 24 hours. 4. Is that picture of the Moon for real? I agree with Josie and her . The moon is not made of blue cheese? huh?

  8. Wait Ian, where is Lake Ontario? In other questions . . . are said cats available to write blogs in Washington, DC?

  9. Jorge.. put up a FAQ (frequently answered questions) page. You can get a free one from many different places (search on google), or I can make you one.. (told you.. told you.. it’s so easy for me to code… ) and just post the link on your sidebar or menu on your blog. It will make your life a whole lot easier dude… Users can submit their questions on their comment form.. automatically go to your email.. you answer.. they come up.. people can peek through the categories real easy like.. I can show you an example on my “other site” and works for everyone. (has many questions that have been answered…) Do I sound like an advertisement yet again? Miss seein’ ya but know you have a life. Sol~ (psst.. did you know…. most parts on a webpage can be recycled ? *winks* ahahaha..)

  10. Hey, I knew most of the answers to these questions. *Proud grin* And I have the picture of the moon on my new cubicle wall right beside my monitor. 🙂 Yeah…um “Bennifer”. NEVER liked that! But with the shortening of the names thing…..I do call myself “Cat”. That’s the problem with having a 3 syllable name…noone wants to say the whole thing. I either get Cath or Cat. Hrm. How would you shorten Jorge anyway? 🙂 Cat

  11. I guess I don’t have to worry about you calling me T-Smack, T-Bone, T-Marie or Big T like that pesky sister of mine (aka Lil T, T-Bag, or T-Dogg).

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