Canadian Appreciation Stops Further Wannabe Hate

Canadian Appreciation Week – Favourite Canadian Spacers

This sounds like something that will result in a trip to Home Depot. In reality it is celebrating the Spaces of Canadians.

Now, I am not one to stick to convention, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I will be bending the rules a little on this one.

From what I’ve seen most folks participating in this particular blog project are writing short descriptions of their favourite Canadian Spaces along with links so that the faithful reader can click and enjoy these Spaces themselves.

I’ve actually been doing that for a while with the Blog Tome on the top menu of my blog. There are a fair number of Canadians in that directory, so I don’t feel as if I should really just cut and paste.

Instead, I will post only one link to one Spacer* who I feel is one of the unsung heroes of the MSN Spaces universe…

Absolute InfinityKaren’s space is like going to a nice cottage. It offers a wonderful escape from the everyday, stressful life that a lot of us have. She has a variety of things to read and do on her page if you choose to follow. Karen is a warm and caring person who also tries to visit all the people that visit her. So go give her a visit, and see why I think she’s so great!

But Why Stop There?

Spaces is great, but in a world where we all need to get along, I think some hats need to be tipped to those who are not under the MSN umbrella. Dave and Jay would make almost every list, so I’m going to share some of my other favourite non-MSN bloggers from Canada…

Favourite Non-Spaces Canadian Bloggers

Shaun HattonShaun is the paragon of innocent honesty. You can also replace the word ‘innocent’ with ‘brutal’. Not that this is a bad thing. Hell no. Shaun calls it like he sees it. His blog was created entirely by him. So I guess he would classify as in independent. On top of being a great columnist, he is also a wonderful friend. Go check him out!

VideogameyVideogamey is a hilarious site. Obviously the topic is all about video games, but the repartée is wicked-cool. There is usually a post a day, about various topics. On top of it all, you can make suggestions. Definitely the place to go if you want to get reviews on games by people who are just like you and me. Well, maybe more like me.

Pushing the Envelope Further

While I’m at it, I’ll ditch the Canadian Elitism and move onto our neighbours from the South…

Favourite American Bloggers

I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a WinoThis talented writer hooked me from her comments left on Dave‘s site. She’s got a sharp tongue, and the intelligence to use it properly. She writes about anything and everything that she can get her hands on with enjoyable results. No matter what you read, you will always leave with new thoughts. She is as insightful and wise as she is witty. The people that frequent her comments section also add further enjoyment. Kris’ blog is like an ongoing conversation. Go give her a read!

Three Cats In a One Bedroom ApartmentJulie rocks. Her and her writing team (composed of her three cats) are a force to be reckoned with. She writes about her views of the world, and they can be damned funny. Oh yes, she also has nice calves.

Favourite Wannabe Canadian Blogger

The ShellieIf you are ever fortunate enough to be granted access, you’ll enjoy Shellie’s view of the world. She logs her days in this Space, and always has a positive spin on things. Go check her out, if you’re allowed.

I Am a Horrible Person

For obvious reasons (space restriction, human frailty, IQ of 7, etc.) I will have forgotten some people from here. This is by no means an indication that I don’t read your work, or hate you. In fact, you are probably in the Blog Tome, and most likely have been there for quite some time.

If you are not in the Blog Tome, and feel you should be, please drop me a line at, and I will add you. I am human, after all.

Well, mostly…

* – Nothing like new lingo that sounds dorky.

6 Responses

  1. Another great post, Jorge. I am going to hell for not participating in Canadian appreciation week. 🙂 You and Ian have done it so well, though that I think I wouldn’t have much to add. (well i thought it was a good excuse). And by the way, if you are MOSTLY human, what else are you? 😉

  2. hello… i saw you came by my space a while ago and i cant remember if i got a chance to return the favor…lol… well im doing it now! anyways you have a nice spot here… and if those pictures are ones that you took… i must say that photography is definately something you should go into… very talented indeed… well i hope you have a nice evening! ciao ***TheFairy***

  3. Hi Jorge… Just popped by to say hello and wish you a great Friday!!! Cheers… Diana

  4. God Bless Canada! And all you great bloggers! Have a great weekend, Jorge.

  5. Happy end to Canadian Appreciation week Jorge…. I’m mildly winded….. I agree on your choices, I check them out from time to time… Hope you have a good weekend… Don’t peel the label off of your Keith’s OK? ~ian

  6. I’m truly honoured for being chosen by you… that is one of the highest compliments I could have been paid. Thank you kind sir, you truly are a gem! To be honest, your page has often inspired me to write better, or at least share more of myself than just a line or two with a cartoon. Sure they have their place but I love the kind of writing you feature. You’re like my blogging big brother lol 😉 As soon as i’m heading to TO, you’ll be the first to know! *Hugs* Have a great weekend! Karen

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