Where Did He Go?

It’s Like I’m Never Here

Hey all, I’m off to Ottawa to be a [handsome] groomsman in one of my best friend’s weddings. Barring any unforseen meteor showers or ninja attacks, I suspect that it will be a great celebration. So I will say congratulations to Natalie and Tien right now, on their tying the knot!

All of you others best behave while I am away. I’ll know what you’re doing, even though I’m not here. I have eyes and ears everywhere.

You can keep yourselves occupied reading my Guide to Toronto. I mean it. This entry that I am writing right now has bumped it down the queue.

Oh yes, be sure to click on the Best of Barking Space link on the side and vote for your favourite stories. It’s kinda tough to have a top ten when you only have eight items on the list.