Canadian Appreciation Stops Further Wannabe Hate

Canadian Appreciation Week – Favourite Canadian Spacers

This sounds like something that will result in a trip to Home Depot. In reality it is celebrating the Spaces of Canadians.

Now, I am not one to stick to convention, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I will be bending the rules a little on this one.

From what I’ve seen most folks participating in this particular blog project are writing short descriptions of their favourite Canadian Spaces along with links so that the faithful reader can click and enjoy these Spaces themselves.

I’ve actually been doing that for a while with the Blog Tome on the top menu of my blog. There are a fair number of Canadians in that directory, so I don’t feel as if I should really just cut and paste.

Instead, I will post only one link to one Spacer* who I feel is one of the unsung heroes of the MSN Spaces universe…

Absolute InfinityKaren’s space is like going to a nice cottage. It offers a wonderful escape from the everyday, stressful life that a lot of us have. She has a variety of things to read and do on her page if you choose to follow. Karen is a warm and caring person who also tries to visit all the people that visit her. So go give her a visit, and see why I think she’s so great!

But Why Stop There?

Spaces is great, but in a world where we all need to get along, I think some hats need to be tipped to those who are not under the MSN umbrella. Dave and Jay would make almost every list, so I’m going to share some of my other favourite non-MSN bloggers from Canada…

Favourite Non-Spaces Canadian Bloggers

Shaun HattonShaun is the paragon of innocent honesty. You can also replace the word ‘innocent’ with ‘brutal’. Not that this is a bad thing. Hell no. Shaun calls it like he sees it. His blog was created entirely by him. So I guess he would classify as in independent. On top of being a great columnist, he is also a wonderful friend. Go check him out!

VideogameyVideogamey is a hilarious site. Obviously the topic is all about video games, but the repartée is wicked-cool. There is usually a post a day, about various topics. On top of it all, you can make suggestions. Definitely the place to go if you want to get reviews on games by people who are just like you and me. Well, maybe more like me.

Pushing the Envelope Further

While I’m at it, I’ll ditch the Canadian Elitism and move onto our neighbours from the South…

Favourite American Bloggers

I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a WinoThis talented writer hooked me from her comments left on Dave‘s site. She’s got a sharp tongue, and the intelligence to use it properly. She writes about anything and everything that she can get her hands on with enjoyable results. No matter what you read, you will always leave with new thoughts. She is as insightful and wise as she is witty. The people that frequent her comments section also add further enjoyment. Kris’ blog is like an ongoing conversation. Go give her a read!

Three Cats In a One Bedroom ApartmentJulie rocks. Her and her writing team (composed of her three cats) are a force to be reckoned with. She writes about her views of the world, and they can be damned funny. Oh yes, she also has nice calves.

Favourite Wannabe Canadian Blogger

The ShellieIf you are ever fortunate enough to be granted access, you’ll enjoy Shellie’s view of the world. She logs her days in this Space, and always has a positive spin on things. Go check her out, if you’re allowed.

I Am a Horrible Person

For obvious reasons (space restriction, human frailty, IQ of 7, etc.) I will have forgotten some people from here. This is by no means an indication that I don’t read your work, or hate you. In fact, you are probably in the Blog Tome, and most likely have been there for quite some time.

If you are not in the Blog Tome, and feel you should be, please drop me a line at, and I will add you. I am human, after all.

Well, mostly…

* – Nothing like new lingo that sounds dorky.

Favourite Canadian Writers, Musicians, Athletes

Canadian Appreciation Week – Favourite Canadian Celebrities

Ian wrote about some great celebrities, which you should check out if you can. I have decided to go a bit closer to home, to people that I know and admire. You’ll have to indulge me, as these folks are very important to me and I tend to ramble on about things that I like.

They may not be celebrities in the eyes of the world, but these people are celebrities to me…

Favourite Canadian Writers

This was a tough decision. It was tempting to write about someone like Margaret Atwood or Mordecai Richler. But I thought I would focus on people that may not be quite in the spotlight yet, but will be sooner than later.

This, too, was a challenge, as I have many talented friends. So here is a list of my favourite writers who happen to be Canadian (last names omitted to dissuade stalkers)…

Dave Dave is one of my closest friends. This has nothing to do with his position on this list. Dave’s writing is exceptional. If you ever get a chance to check out his blog, I would highly recommend it. His commentaries and anecdotes are honest, intelligent, and just plain hilarious. He does have a serious writing side as well, and has posted one of his works on his blog.

Reay Reay is an amazing short story writer. He writes in many different genres, pulling them all off without a hitch. He’s actually posted a few of his works on his web page, so, as he would say, check ye them out. Well, maybe he wouldn’t say that. He would make it sound much cooler.

Jay Jay is the reigning queen of columns. Her commentary on what’s around her is compelling and humourous. You can be guaranteed stronger abs from reading her funnier works. At the same time, though, she can bring a tear to your eye with some of her serious works. She is an extremely talented woman and I’m glad that I have the privilege of reading her work regularly.

Cat Cat’s thought provoking and captivating essay style will leave you feeling reaffirmed of your belief in issues she writes about, or perhaps they will leave you questioning whether you are supporting the correct side. She is an excellent writer because she spends time researching the issues, and she’s not afraid to put herself in the thick of things. Writing with feeling is something she does well, and it doesn’t come across as being preachy.

Ian Last, and in no way least on the list is Ian. Ian is from the East Coast. Living in Halifax, he writes stories about his life. Believe me when I say they are exceedingly entertaining. Ian has quite a number of readers who visit to hear the next chapter in the tale of his life. He is a warm, spirited author who has a way with words. Another one for you to check out.

Favourite Canadian Musicians

Again I will stick to the locals for this one. There are a lot of talented musicians out there, and I’m glad I get the opportunity to go out and watch them perform. This is my way of giving something back. A little publicity in exchange for a wonderful listening experience…

Pamela Brennan Pamela has one of the most powerful and beautiful voices of any person living on Earth. Her small frame belies the raw strength within. She sings all types of songs from folky to rocky, and she plays a pretty good guitar. I went to high school with her. She taught me how to play songs on my guitar in the chapel. It’s been really great watching her grow in her music. I wish her all the best. Keep your eyes and ears open for any of her stuff. CDs with Pamela on them make for great listening!

Lori Cullen I saw Lori at a show where Pamela was singing. Her and Pamela did a version of “Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye that was probably better than the original. Lori’s haunting voice and ability to harmonize on the fly make her quite a musical catch. She has several CDs out. Go get them!

Favourite Canadian Athletes

In lieu of intellectuals (Ian has this covered, and I can’t beat the Rexinator), I have chosen some of my friends who are examples of great physical prowess. These are the people who make me want to be more than I am in terms of athleticism. These are friends of mine, not necessarily celebrities, but inspirational nonetheless…

Suzy Suzy is a friend I met at Karate. She is an excellent martial artist. A keen memory for movement, and a ridiculous amount of energy. She’s also an amazing swimmer. I’ve never actually gone to any of her events (usually due to bad timing), but based on what I hear, she is incredible. I’ve actually seen footage of her swimming poorly, and let me tell you, it depresses me because even at my best I could never swim as fast as she does at her worst.

Nat Another female powerhouse. Nat is a friend of mine who likes to run, play ultimate, and injures herself more often than anyone I know. This is because she’s a risk taker, and they usually pay off. Nat is tenacious and talented. She definitely is intimidating. Don’t mess with her!

Tien Tien is a really good friend of mine who I met in Capoeira a long time ago. He makes everything look easy. This guy can run a 5K without breaking a sweat. It’s insane! He has some very simple views of athletic performance. They work. That’s pretty much it. He sees what he wants, and he goes for it. You can usually catch him doing Kali, running, or playing Ultimate frisbee with Nat.