Thanksgiving Ringing Canadian

Thanksgiving Wedding Bells Ringing

The weekend was spent in the Ottawa area, celebrating the union of Tien and Natalie Wong.

I won’t get into too much detail, unless the bride and groom want me to.

I will say, though, that it was a beautiful wedding, and I believe everyone really enjoyed themselves.

I am very happy for them both.

I am also convinced that more food was consumed this past weekend than was consumed in Montréal. Mind you, there were more people at the wedding…

Canadian Appreciation Week – My Favourite Canadian Place

My favourite place in Canada is probably not going to be too much of a shock to most of you. Actually, to some, it will be a cause to roll eyes.

Algonquin Park is a place that just struck a chord in my soul at the end of the last decade.

No year is complete without at least one visit to this magical park.

I first went to Algonquin Park after university. The weather was crappy for the first few days, but even amidst the downpour, the park’s beauty was unquestionable. It was the end of August, and the leaves had already started turning (early, really). It smelled like nature, rather than pollution.

It was a feast for the senses.

Since that time, I’ve gone back at least a few times a year. I can never get enough of it.

It has great fishing, and camping.

Most of my nature photos are taken in Algonquin Park. Whether in the interior or along one of the Highway 60 Corridor Trails, the scenery is breathtaking.

Algonquin Park has places to camp all year long.

You should definitely check it out. These two sites are well-run and have lots of information…

I’m sort of at a loss to write about The Gonk. It’s like trying to explain why you like your favourite food. If anyone has questions about it, I’ll answer them by updating this entry.

8 Responses

  1. Your Algonquin photos are amazing Jorge…. you really do a good job capturing the beauty of the park… And happy the wedding went well and that you had a good trip to Ottawa.

  2. I hope this is the last wedding you have scheduled for a while, or you might start getting fat! Just kidding. Glad you have a great weekend.

  3. Why not COMBINE the two difficult questions and tackle them TOGETHER? Like so, “Jorge, describe to us how Algonquin Park TASTES to you” Hmmm? Good luck! After a long debate with myself, I have decided to post my latest piece of writing… so come and check it out when you get a chance… actually… TWO pieces… 🙂 See you on the weekend! James.

  4. Ahh.. Algonquin. True love. “Gawunk! Gawunk!” Go the meese!

  5. I hope that The Gonk does not catch on as a term of endearment. It sounds really, really nasty.

  6. I’d love to share my Algonquin Park pictures with you sometime! Ahh portaging for hours to get to camp…such peaceful beauty….you gotta love it!

  7. If you like places that are beautiful amidst the rain, you have to come and visit me in Vancouver! (The rainy season is now upon us here!) Seriously, though, Canada has some of the most spectacular scenery! While I haven’t been to every province yet, I drove from Toronto to Vancouver when I moved here and every province along the way had its own unique beauty. I highly recommend it!

  8. Don’t call it the Gonk. Yuck. It’s sounds like a communicable disease. Hehehe. Glad you enjoyed the wedding. Welcome back. 🙂 Cat

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