Chivalry Is Not Dead. It Never Existed

Today, an older gentleman (and I use that term loosely) gave me pause to think about why men hold doors for women.

Is it to be polite? A gesture of respect?


It’s so that a man can stare at a woman’s caboose without being obvious to her.

This morning on the subway, an attractive young woman and an old man were both standing at the door. When the subway came to a halt, the doors opened, and the man gestured for her to go first…

Old Man: After you, young lady.
Young Lady: Wow. Thank you!

She strolled happily through the door.

As she did so, the old man literally stared at her butt. He leaned down and looked at it.

I shook my head.

11 Responses

  1. What’s the harm in that, really? She was happy, having been given a new example of a gentlemanly man, and he got a little eye candy.

    I see nothing wrong with this.

    Now, if he had let her go first so that he could grab her ass, or follow her home, or something equally dastardly, then we’d have a problem.

    *Funny story – I was at ladie’s night the other night, and as I was leaving, this guy called me over to his table to tell me that his buddy ‘liked me’. I chatted with them for a few minutes, and then started to leave. When I was about ten feet from their table, I heard him whisper ‘look at that ass’ in a reverent voice. It was a much-needed ego boost for me, and I almost went back and kissed the breath right out of that guy. But I didn’t.

    I did, however, smile the whole way home. (My ass did too.)

  2. I always knew that was the reason men did that. Tim makes it very obvious when he does it to me. its amusing. the same reason a man may lag behind a good looking lady when they know an escalator is coming up. LOL! or a set of stairs. You men are crafty fellows when it comes to checkin out the ladies.

    Peace out Jorge ol’e chap.


  3. so that’s why, i’ve always wondered!

  4. ha ha ha. I’ve seen this happen before, and I laugh every time I see it.

  5. … i’ve of a mind that the door opening trick could be used by both sexes, in the long run, the real question you have to ask yourself is: how attractive is the person you may be holding the door open for? Is it about the “opener” or the “openee”?

  6. Courtney:

    I don’t think looking is the crime. We all look.
    It’s the fact it’s disguised.
    the fact the guy almost broke his own back looking at her end zone.

  7. Hooray for creepy old people. -.o

  8. haha, I’m a Newf, we don’t really have a drinking night. We do have a drinking day though. The ones that begin with a T: Tuesday, Thursday, Today and Tomorrow.

  9. Hi Jorge,

    I am often the gentleman who opens/hold the door for someone else. I haven’t checked out the rump of the other person, but maybe I should start!! LOL!

    I am also the person who unlocks the passenger door if I am the driver, regardless of the gender of the passenger. Sometimes I’ll even open the door and close it when the person is in their seat. Damn, I think I’m too nice!?!?!? Is this possible???

    I hope you got a glimpse of the young lady’s derrier as well 😛

    Take care,


  10. …bootie…it’s aaaalways about the bootie….

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