The Winds Monster

The Winds of Change

My friend Mike had a wonderful phrase about the winds of change.

He decided to do a graphical representation, sending it out to our normal crew…

I decided to follow up with this sign…

I suppose I should have posted my sign first.

I’ve Created a Monster

On Monday, my wife and I both had a really bad day.

On normal nights, well spend our time together watching TV, talking and sometimes playing a board game.

On rare occasions, we’ll play something relatively tame on the Nintendo GameCube.

I figured that nothing would get our minds off of the day than a bit of mayhem.

So I suggested we play Soul Calibur II.

This is a 3D fighting game involving a variety of weapons. No blood, just animated violence. The basic controls are simple, and yet there is capacity to utilize the interface to do some spectacular movements.

Mrs. Jorge agreed, and so I trained her on how to use the interface.

I have to admit, that after four rounds where I didn’t try very hard to let her win, I soon found myself struggling to stay alive.

She apparently found her favourite character right off the mark, and proceeded to kick seven kinds of shit out of me.

Behold the face of my killer…

That just isn’t right.