The Winds Monster

The Winds of Change

My friend Mike had a wonderful phrase about the winds of change.

He decided to do a graphical representation, sending it out to our normal crew…

I decided to follow up with this sign…

I suppose I should have posted my sign first.

I’ve Created a Monster

On Monday, my wife and I both had a really bad day.

On normal nights, well spend our time together watching TV, talking and sometimes playing a board game.

On rare occasions, we’ll play something relatively tame on the Nintendo GameCube.

I figured that nothing would get our minds off of the day than a bit of mayhem.

So I suggested we play Soul Calibur II.

This is a 3D fighting game involving a variety of weapons. No blood, just animated violence. The basic controls are simple, and yet there is capacity to utilize the interface to do some spectacular movements.

Mrs. Jorge agreed, and so I trained her on how to use the interface.

I have to admit, that after four rounds where I didn’t try very hard to let her win, I soon found myself struggling to stay alive.

She apparently found her favourite character right off the mark, and proceeded to kick seven kinds of shit out of me.

Behold the face of my killer…

That just isn’t right.

16 Responses

  1. If it makes you feel any better, she looks totally hot. If I got beat up by a woman, I’d at least want her to be gorgeous.

    By the way, did anyone else notice that the penis in that picture is ‘girthier’ than the guy’s legs?

    That’s kind of scary.

    If I were his woman, I would run in the opposite direction.

  2. You know what’s not right? The pee picture, that’s what

  3. On behalf of wives everywhere, I say bravo to Mrs. Jorge for kicking your butt 🙂

  4. Good looking character your wife has there. Is she of Mexican origin b/c those are Mexio’s colors? Just wondering! I’ve never been one to play those games. Too many buttons to press. I like to play The Sims 2 though. Have a wonderful day, happy gaming and God bless!

  5. Hi Jorge,

    That’s awesome that she was kicking your butt! I love hearing when a woman at a console controller becomes the dominant player! Kudos to Mrs. Jorges!!!

    Take care,


    P.S. The first picture for winds of change is awesome!!

  6. I would bet that is going to be the last time you play Nintendo with her! It is amazing how men think that some women “just don’t know how to play the game”…when in actuality we can play it better than them!



  7. Are you crazy?
    I’m going to keep playing!

    She’s so much fun!

    Crazy people!

  8. Mrs J is looking pretty good there. And it looks like you’re getting your horizons expanded.

  9. That drawing is so off-putting and disturbing…. I love it!

    Your killer is a fox. No wonder you met your demise!

  10. Round two and I kicked your ass again, buddy!

    Thanks for the laughs.

    Love lots,

  11. I prefer Raphael cause rapiers are just damned cool, but yeah. Give a gal a chance and she’ll start kickin your ass at video games.

  12. I’m glad your wife can kick your butt: ) it makes guys more humble: )
    The winds of change are happening around here.. but there is less pee involved.


  13. Yes. It’s always best to be warned BEFORE one gets peed on.

    And damn…the chick who kicked your vitrual butt was hot!

  14. Yeah, I can see where butt-kicking would have come into play, as that character has some wickedly easy combos.

    Reminds me of my friend Terry learning to play Mortal Kombat Trilogy. She picked Katana based solely on the fact that she had had a girl-crush on Talisa Soto ever since the Mortal Kombat movie. She quickly learned to pound her boyfriend and me into the ground with those damn fan combos.

  15. Girls Kick Ass!!!

    Bravo, Mrs. Jorge!!!

    Sorry, Jorge.

    Head Game from The Vermillion Border.

  16. […] Just before the final few guys left, Mrs. J, in an act of mercy, asked one of the boys for a controller, and promptly kicked my ass with her favourite character. […]

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