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Thank You, War Amps!

I lost my keys a few weeks ago.

I was really upset about it. However, yesterday, I got a notice from a courier that I had a package waiting for me at their depot.

Sure enough, when I got there I found my keys waiting for me inside the envelope.

The War Amps of Canada have a great key tag service. Essentially, if someone finds your keys, and they have a War Amps Key Tag on them, the person who found them can drop them in a mailbox and they will be sent to the War Amps office. Then, they will send them to you, free of charge!

We donate to them once in a while, so it was a really great feeling to get those keys back, as it would have cost a bit of moolah to replace some of them.

Thanks, War Amps!

Everyone visiting me should go pay them a visit.

They run a great service!


I was chatting with Kris on the phone the other day. We both have a thing with nomenclature. Everyone has to fit into some kind of group, if only to make it easier to remember the context of the relationship we have with them.


[The scene opens with a phone conversation already in progress.]
Jorge: I wanted to tell Dave, but he wasn’t around.
Kris: You can’t tell me Dave is not your other soul mate.
J: I never said he wasn’t.
K: He’s your other lover.
J: My man wife.
K: That would be your mife.
J: Mife?
K: Yes, your man wife.
J: So if he’s my mife, what would you be? My State-side wife?
K: No. I would be your blife.
J: What’s a blife?
K: Your blog wife.
J: Wicked.
K: Yes.
J: So I have a wife, a mife, and a blife.
K: That’s right, Boo.
J: It’s a good thing I don’t have a karate wife. The short form of that would suck ass.
K: That’s just dirty.

Creating labels can be fun!


I saw a World Wildlife Fund poster in the subway today.

Essentially, it has a picture of a book entitled 2853 Ways To Stop Using Fossil Fuels or some such title. Underneath the picture, it has a paragraph that essentially says something along the lines of it’s just easier to donate to the WWF to do the things you want to but know you can’t.

I’m not really sure I agree with this message.

I support the WWF, of course. I think they do great work.

But one would think that the WWF would want to encourage people to not only donate, but also to take local action.

Am I smoking crack?

If anyone else has seen this poster, I’d like some responses as to what you think.

I Don’t Really Heart Olympics

The winter Olympics are here. Am I the only one that doesn’t care about this?

First of all, I think the Olympics have lost their meaning. I’m sure a long time ago, it was all about the sport.

Now it seems all about the politics.

I also don’t like this whole Canada kicking ass attitude. I’ve always thought our underdog neutrality was charming. It made the wins more meaningful. Now it just seems like cockiness, rather than confidence.

I don’t want anyone to get me wrong, here. I think that our athletes are nothing short of amazing. They work hard (with barely any support from the government) to lay it all on the line at these events. That takes a great deal of courage.

But how appreciated are they on a world-wide scale?

What happens if they fail?

They get shut out into the cold, off to maintain their skills with rigourous training for the next Olympics.

To me the Olympics have become a pissing contest between nations. The proof of this is the fact that you can have mulitple entrants into the same event. Those with the deepest pockets tend to take home the most medals.

Is this really the spirit of the games?

Maybe I have odd, romantic notions of what the games should be like.

Again, feel free to tell me to go to hell for this, if you like.

I may not change my opinion, but I value yours.

10 Responses

  1. Jorge,
    The olympics definitely dont turn my crank either, You have a lot of wives. those wwfers have a lot of time on their hands to write a book with that many reasons in it.. why dont they go and lay in front of bull dozers in the rain forest, or like.. take a bullet for a tiger, instead of wasting their time writing such a weird book:) LOL…. yah know. time management isnt the wwf’s strong suit. LOL…. wwfers sounds funny. I just realized.
    Have a great day 😛

  2. To clarify…

    It’s just an ad. The book doesn’t actually exist. The point is that there are so many dinky things we can do to help curb the use of fossil fuel, but it’s just easier to donate to the WWF. I don’t see why people can’t do both (even if the book is only a joke, it’s still the principle of the thing).

  3. I could use a wife, but since I’m a woman, would that be a “wife”?

  4. Hi Jorge!

    Thank you so much for the comment. I wish more people felt this way and there were less hearts around at this time of year. There is no need to show your love for a person once a year. I admit I will have a Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend when he return from sea, but I won’t expect any of the other stuff.. I will accept it if he gives it as he doesn’t yet know how I feel, and I do appreciate it as it is our first few months together when he returns.

    I also sometimes send something to my Grandmother as she has an appreciation for the commercialism. But it is a day for me, like all other days.

    As for the War Amps, I will be all for it when I have the $$ to donate. I don’t feel right when I can’t give something in return.

    Olympics: 1. Couldn’t the money be better spent? 2. The hockey people are professional in the NHL!!!! WTF!!! 3. Commercalism once again!!! 4. The Bay making the outfits for the Canadians. Roots being the previous ones in the Winter Olympics (I don’t follow the Summer ones). Aren’t both of those companies now American????? Isn’t it a Canadian Team? C-A-N-A-D-I-A-N??? But, I admit my hypocracy as I watched to opening games last night purely because I love seeing what they wear and it’a always a spectacular event. This used to be a time of year when I’d always be sick, so it was always the only thing on. And I do admit I love the competition. I am patriotic and want us to kill American butt. I have to admit I love when Canadians beat Americans because it reduces the power. I am nefarious in this regard… Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this in a public Space 😛 Oh well… My Space is below if someone needs to get something off their chest abou the above!

    Take care Jorge!!


  5. I have never really cared about the Olympics. The summer or winter games. I don’t care about the X-Games either. Or anything else for that matter except.. maybe.. NFL, occasionally (if my team is winning). You mean to tell me you don’t like Hockey? I thought that was the primary religion up there. 🙂

    Mife eh?
    My “wife” is my “blife” so … uhms.. I don’t know, Jorge, kind of takes the fun out of it..

    Maybe Dave is your moulmate. Your man-soulmate.
    Chew on that for a while *g*

  6. Can I just be your Brother From Another Mother? Isn’t that enough?

  7. jules rants on the onlympics

    you are brave to throw your opinion out in the blogosphere… but i’m glad you did…. the whole “insane, commercialization, waste of money, no one really cares” pagaent that is now the olympics is beyond frustrating……

    I think i will write a whole blog thing on this tonite… 😉 Staytuned!

  8. I’m with you on this one, Jorge! I think the Olympics are b-o-r-i-n-g (yawn). They just cause me not to be able to watch the one television show I grant myself the time for, Supernatural.

    Head Game from The Vermillion Border.

  9. Firstly, War Amps sounds genius. What a terrific idea!

    Secondly, I guess I like the Olympics well enough, but I worry for those competitors who lose that are from more, shall we say “oppressive” nations. I feel so scared for them that they may lose their government sponsored housing or that the authorities will demand back all the money invested in their careers since there were wrenched from nursery school to be a skier/skater/gymnast. Or that they’ll be forced to eat gruel for the rest of their lives. Or that their Nanas have been kidnapped.

    I worry about strange things.

  10. You know I’m aaaaaaaaaaaaallll for The War Amps (PLAYSAFE!)…

    And it should be noted that when a donation is made to the Key Tage Service, the money goes to support a very worthwhile cause – the Child Amputee Program.

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