Anybody Want a Cat?

I am posting this on behalf of my good friend Allison. You can click on her name to contact her if you’re serious about wanting Percy. You also can click on the thumbnails below to get a larger view of this handsome devil…


A very close friend has an elderly family member who is not able to take care of a cat that was recently adopted. He is a very good tempered and loving 4 year old neutered cat named Percy. He does have his claws, and comes with a scratching mat that he loves.

Please pass this along to anyone you might think would be interested in adopting him.

Thanks so much,


War Labels WTF Heart

Thank You, War Amps!

I lost my keys a few weeks ago.

I was really upset about it. However, yesterday, I got a notice from a courier that I had a package waiting for me at their depot.

Sure enough, when I got there I found my keys waiting for me inside the envelope.

The War Amps of Canada have a great key tag service. Essentially, if someone finds your keys, and they have a War Amps Key Tag on them, the person who found them can drop them in a mailbox and they will be sent to the War Amps office. Then, they will send them to you, free of charge!

We donate to them once in a while, so it was a really great feeling to get those keys back, as it would have cost a bit of moolah to replace some of them.

Thanks, War Amps!

Everyone visiting me should go pay them a visit.

They run a great service!


I was chatting with Kris on the phone the other day. We both have a thing with nomenclature. Everyone has to fit into some kind of group, if only to make it easier to remember the context of the relationship we have with them.


[The scene opens with a phone conversation already in progress.]
Jorge: I wanted to tell Dave, but he wasn’t around.
Kris: You can’t tell me Dave is not your other soul mate.
J: I never said he wasn’t.
K: He’s your other lover.
J: My man wife.
K: That would be your mife.
J: Mife?
K: Yes, your man wife.
J: So if he’s my mife, what would you be? My State-side wife?
K: No. I would be your blife.
J: What’s a blife?
K: Your blog wife.
J: Wicked.
K: Yes.
J: So I have a wife, a mife, and a blife.
K: That’s right, Boo.
J: It’s a good thing I don’t have a karate wife. The short form of that would suck ass.
K: That’s just dirty.

Creating labels can be fun!


I saw a World Wildlife Fund poster in the subway today.

Essentially, it has a picture of a book entitled 2853 Ways To Stop Using Fossil Fuels or some such title. Underneath the picture, it has a paragraph that essentially says something along the lines of it’s just easier to donate to the WWF to do the things you want to but know you can’t.

I’m not really sure I agree with this message.

I support the WWF, of course. I think they do great work.

But one would think that the WWF would want to encourage people to not only donate, but also to take local action.

Am I smoking crack?

If anyone else has seen this poster, I’d like some responses as to what you think.

I Don’t Really Heart Olympics

The winter Olympics are here. Am I the only one that doesn’t care about this?

First of all, I think the Olympics have lost their meaning. I’m sure a long time ago, it was all about the sport.

Now it seems all about the politics.

I also don’t like this whole Canada kicking ass attitude. I’ve always thought our underdog neutrality was charming. It made the wins more meaningful. Now it just seems like cockiness, rather than confidence.

I don’t want anyone to get me wrong, here. I think that our athletes are nothing short of amazing. They work hard (with barely any support from the government) to lay it all on the line at these events. That takes a great deal of courage.

But how appreciated are they on a world-wide scale?

What happens if they fail?

They get shut out into the cold, off to maintain their skills with rigourous training for the next Olympics.

To me the Olympics have become a pissing contest between nations. The proof of this is the fact that you can have mulitple entrants into the same event. Those with the deepest pockets tend to take home the most medals.

Is this really the spirit of the games?

Maybe I have odd, romantic notions of what the games should be like.

Again, feel free to tell me to go to hell for this, if you like.

I may not change my opinion, but I value yours.