Hai-Kuul – February 03, 2006

I Am That I Am (Requested by bitha)
I was born this way
And so I will remind you
By stating this fact

Maybe Next Week (Requested by bitha)
I won a photo
But I have not picked it up
I should go get it

Don’t Drink and Derive (Requested by bitha)
I tried a function
But I was seeing double
My answer was wrong

I Have to Go Now (Requested by bitha)
This party is dull
I’m so bored I could just
Fall asleep right here

Doing Stuffs (Requested by bitha)
Each day passes by
Like pollen in a stiff breeze
There is much to do

Stop Staring (Requested by bitha)
I feel discomfort
Your gaze is fixed upon me
But I don’t like you

‘Bag’ Packs (Requested by bitha)
Learn how to pronounce!
This is up there with foilage
And ol’ new-cue-ler

Money Tree (Requested by bitha)
My fondest wishes
All seem to involve some wealth
That I need not earn

Angelina Jolie (Requested by Courtney-O)
The world’s most wanted
Lover of men and women
Jen A. stood no chance

Tim the Enchanter (Requested by the scottish vixen)
The mystery man
Who captured the Vixen’s heart
Best wishes to both!

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.

9 Responses

  1. AWWW Jorge, thanks:)
    I loves it!!!

  2. That was perfect!

    And you’re absolutely right – Jen A. didn’t have a chance in the world.

    Have a great weekend, Jorge!

    (p.s. – You can definitely come to Ireland with me. Maybe we should have a ‘blogger’ tour! That’s a good idea!)

  3. Nice, Courtney.

    Of course, you’ll have to share me with Mrs. Jorge and Dave (who is affectionately known as Mrs. Jorge with a Goatee)

  4. Jorge, you have such a dirty mind. I meant, of course, that a whole bunch of bloggers could meet up there for the tour. Hence the ‘blogger’ tour part.

    Although, I don’t mind sharing. In fact, my personal philosophy is ‘the more the merrier’.

    (Ok, just to be truthful, I don’t know if I like ‘the more the merrier’, but I’ll pretty much try any once.)

    God, that made me sound like such a whore.

    Oh, well. Have a great weekend anyway!

  5. Hi Jorge!!

    I love your Hai-Kuuls!! Drink and Derive!! Brilliant! LOL!! And yes, the same with Angelina Jolie! That’s great!

    One of these days I’ll think of some topics for you!

    Take care and have a great weekend!


  6. thanks J!

    esp for that ‘may be next week’ one..hehe..i m soo sorry abt that tho

    but my fav one s dont drink n derive…my math instructor actually wears a t-shirt that says so ” Dont drink and derive”..hehe…n thn he gives homework everyday due the very next day….hmm..seems lik i will never drink at all…hehe

  7. Some of theses are really funny…:)
    I have been working so much of late I have had little time to be here never mind visit. Been working a few double shifts as one of my co workers had a crisis with his young teenage son.
    I wanted to drop by and at the very least say hello..


  8. Dude, I’m totally Team Aniston. You copy?

  9. Oh, I like “Stop Staring” and ‘Anjolia Jolie” best!

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