Real Jules

Would the Real Jorge Please Stand Up?

How many people remember this article?

I’m sure you will all get a kick out of the following scan that I took of an envelope bearing what appears to be an odd attempt at my name

I mean, really.

How the hell do these people do their research? I don’t know…

Click to enlarge…

Props to Jules

I met this girl a while ago, and we participated in the same craft show. She, too, is an aspiring photographer. Her images are taken with a digital camera. Her skill with the lens is definitely something to behold.

What’s even better is that she doesn’t think of herself as being excellent.

But she is.

Not only is she a great photographer, but she also writes a mean blog.

You should do yourself a favour and check out her blog.

9 Responses

  1. Winikers!! That was like a stab in the dark at what potentially is not your name. LOL. Even the spellingly challenged folk could get it better… at least have the first letter right. sheesh. its like someone heard it many years ago and was trying to recall what it sounded like so they could spell it.
    Murray is an easy name. but people still spell it wrong .
    Whats wrong with the world today!!


  2. Dear Mr. Sigeedo,

    We regret the recent unfortunate errors with regards to your name. We will endeavor in future to ensure proper spelling and pronunciation before attempting to contact you again.

    Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies, Mr. Gearog Siguerdo.


    We The Spammers.

    I feel your pain Jorge, I once had a very good year as a soccer player, many moons ago, and when the newspaper did a story on me, with my picture and everything, they spelled my name, Sammy Baglia. Nice, eh? Well, it was Kirkland Lake… so what do you expect, I guess…


  3. If it makes you feel any better, they always adress mine to Mr. Courtney O’Brien.

    If I’m going to be accused of being a man, I’d at least like to have a penis for a day, just to see what it’s like.

  4. Done and done.
    Keep an eye on your mailbox.

    Oh yeah. Sorry, Dave.

  5. I get letters address to Ion all the time. Mr. Sijueirebo eh? Do you know Sufjan Stevens? Perhaps you are related? Sufjan and Sijueirebo…conquering all 50 states with quirky alt-folk tunes.

    Courtney would like a penis eh? Whoa nelly. Arkansas will need to change its tourism pitch then. “Great ribs…The Ozarks… And chicks with d%$ks”.

  6. Oh, I see you finally got my Christmas card.

  7. Remember the super-serious picture of ‘yourself’ you posted around New Year’s? That guy is Jorge Sijueirebo. We’re tight, though, so I just call him Rebo.

  8. jjjooorrrgggeeeee!!

    you rock. so there.

  9. I hear ya Jorge..I get everything for my name–Tish-a, Trisha, Patrisha-yeah really. It’s actually pronounced Teesha but I got tired of correcting people so now anything goes! (well almost anything) T.

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