Hai-Kuul – January 30, 2006

Colored Pencils (Requested by The_Vermillion_Border)
So many colours
Make for wonderful drawings
Go imagination!

Cigarette Smoke (Requested by The_Vermillion_Border)
Drifting toxic death
Wispy hands bypass your throat
And target your lungs

Too Much Perfume On (Requested by The_Vermillion_Border)
Alluring odours
Turn into eye-watering
Scented overload

Blogger Blues (Requested by AgeyD)
My words feel hollow
Do I make a difference?
I’ll wait for a sign

Bomberman (Requested by Rituro)
You! Run for your life!
The Hige Hige bandit
Just got roller skates!

My Job Sucks Monkey Balls (Requested by The Shellie)
I’m going nowhere fast
This job sucks big monkey balls
Please pass a toothpick

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