Egads Drummer Rocks!


I have a number of friends that ask me why I bother with Spaces, and I usually tell them that it is a matter of not having yet another place with another password to memorize.

Last night, though, when I logged in and saw all the new features I was blown away.

Profile pics? New communications options? New navigation?

Way to go, MSN!

March to the Beat of Your Own Drummer

I was on the subway today, and a few stops after mine a girl got on with her boyfriend. They squished into the middle of one of the sections with more floor space, despite the fact that the subway was relatively packed.

She was young, probably late teens, possibly early twenties. Her frame was petite, and she was all bundled up in winter clothes. She had a nice set of headphones* and those of us around her could hear what she was listening to.

At one point during the journey, a song started playing that she must have really liked, because she started dancing. It was so awesome to see someone enjoying themselves so much in an uninhibited way.

It cheered up everyone in the immediate area**.

Why Shaun Rocks

Shaun and I will converse on MSN Messenger quite often. A lot of our conversation is about daily happenings, but occasionally we tend to get silly.

Check this conversation out. I remember laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.

Of course, if you never watched Transformers you might not get it. Click the conversation to enlarge it…

Click to enlarge…

* – This is not a euphemism.
** – I highly doubt that I would have received as many smiles were I to do such a thing.