Hai-Kuul? Love? Come On!

Hai-Kuul Christmas Gift

Dave and I have a very practical method of exchanging gifts. We essentially each use the other’s Amazon.ca wishlist to figure out what the person is looking for. We also will also possibly get something extra that may not be on the list.

This past Christmas, I got Dave a DVD off of his wish list and then bought him another one that wasn’t listed, but that I thought he would like.

Dave got me two movies off of my wish list, and then sent me this:

Check it out, yo.
Click to enlarge…

That’s right.

It’s a set of magnetic poetry words specifically for Haiku.

How freakin’ cool is that?*

Dave‘s idea** was for me to do haiku on my refrigerator and then take photos and post the photos of the haiku on my site. The problem with this is that I don’t have a digital camera.

At one point, I thought about using a cookie sheet and then taking a still picture using my webcam. The problem with that idea is that a lot of the requests that come in are too specific to be covered by words found in this magnetic poetry set.

I will try to post a few though.

What is Love?

I was on missbhavens recently. I noticed an article that posed a question about whether love was like a Tribble or a leather jacket. She offered a poll at the end of the article so the reader could voice their own opinion.

Being the rebels that they are, the folks leaving comments offered up their own ideas.

Of course, I needed to list my own idea also, and came up with this…

Love, to me, would be a hammock. It’s holds you up, and wraps around you, and if you mess around too much on the side, you fall out and break your face.

I thought this was funny.

Maybe it’s just me.

Come On!

Of course after I wrote this I mentioned it to Dave

Jorge: Man, I am a genius.
Dave: How so?
J: I came up with a wicked definition for love. [Jorge reads Dave his new definition.]
D: [Laughs a little.]
J: So? What do you think? Do you think it’s funny, or what?
D: I think it’s funny that you proclaim your own genius.
J: Someone has to. But the love thing…It’s good right?
D: [Silence.]
J: Come on!
D: [Silence.]
J: Come onnnnn!
D: Just because you say that, doesn’t make it funnier.
J: Really?
D: No.
J: Come onnnnn!

At this point we started discussing how funny it would be if world leaders used come onnnnn! to resolve conflicts…

[George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden are on the phone, having a discussion.]
GWB: Osama, ya gotta stop promotin’ terrorism!
OBL: No, infidel. You shall all rot in hell!
GWB: Please?
OBL: No.
GWB: Come on!
OBL: No.
GWB: Come onnnnn!
OBL: Oh…What the heck? Okay!


* – Add that to the fact that my lovely wife bought me a Nintendo Gamecube, and you have yourself a pretty sweet Christmas.
** – Actually, it was Beth and Sarah who found the Haiku set first. Dave was an almost innocent bystander.