Starting Perfect Note

Starting the Year Off Right

I recently saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I remember Dave telling me that it was pretty good, so I didn’t think twice about seeing it. All in all it was a good movie. I enjoyed it immensely.

Some of the moments, though, were a little odd.

Observe as Dave and I exchange witty e-mails about one such moment (there may be a spoiler: BE YE WARNED)…

To: Dave
From: Jorge
Subject: Thoughts about Harry Potter

Moaning Myrtle is a perv.

To: Jorge
From: Dave
Subject: RE: Thoughts about Harry Potter

Yeah, and I don’t recall the words “Myrtle reached deftly around Harry’s blocking arms and touched his dick” appearing anywhere in the novel.

To: Dave
From: Jorge
Subject: RE: RE: Thoughts about Harry Potter

Did we see the same movie?

To: Jorge
From: Dave
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Thoughts about Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Gobble-It of Ire?

This was so funny it warranted a phone call. While we were laughing about what Dave typed, I was looking up the actress who played moaning myrtle because she looked familiar…

Jorge: Shirley Henderson is her name. She played Moaning Myrtle.
Dave: She looks familiar.
J: She’s been in Bridget Jones’ Diary and the sequel.
D: Really?
J: Yes. She plays one of Bridget Jones’ friends, I think.
D: Wow. She’s older than she looks.
J: Totally. She was in Trainspotting.
D: What?
J: Yeah. She was Gail.
D: I think I remember her character.
J: Holy crap. You’re right about being older than she looks!
D: How old?
J: Born in 1965.
D: Wow. Oldie.
J: That’s, like, thirty-one years old!
D: Er…
J: Or maybe forty-one years old with math!

You think you know someone…

Picture Perfect

My friend Solaria has started an experiment of sorts. It’s a photography blog. Well, it’s most likely much more than that. She is talented behind the camera and on the keyboard in terms of programming her own blog.
Check it out!

You will agree that she is nothing short of amazing!

On Another Note

Today is a good friend’s birthday. She probably wouldn’t want me to mention her name on here, but she’s a great person. Very caring and sweet.

So if you believe that your positive thoughts can reach her, feel free to leave her a message here!

Cheers, all!