Life Lessons

Important Points to Remember

Walking around any busy metropolis allows you to contemplate the deeper meaning of life.  Usually you can create a rule based on this introspection.

Here are seven words that you should think about…

Not everybody looks good in leather pants…

I’m sure it’s a trial and error thing, to know if you look good in leather pants.  But let me tell you, the ratio definitely favours the errors.

I think this is why I need glasses now.

19 Responses

  1. Hi! I just stumbled on your space & thought i’d drop u a line… I agree not everyone can get away with black leather pants, infact not many!! lol Feel free to drop by my space anytime:-)

  2. Awww…. I’ve seen that too….for shame….for shame….attend a NIN concert and have a look around….you will see a sea of black leather pants straining at the seams….BLAH….

  3. I have come to the realization that you have, only it was last week at the office. Yes, somebody wore leather pants to work, and no, we don’t work for a dominatrix.

  4. True. true. I’m afraid, though, that the leather pants phenomenom is much like the spandex phenomenom of the late 80s . . .

  5. You should start some sort of national registry. It’d be pretty short, and easy to maintain.

  6. Not only do you have the voice of a Zen Master, you are also very wise. Indeed Leather Pants is a slippery slope located next to the Precipice of fashion sensibility. I can speak from experience though: Russian Girls + Leather Pants – Leopard Print = Big 🙂 I guess Big 🙂 would be written as 😀

  7. I’ve never worn leather pants, and now I’m certainly not going to. I think you, Jorge, would look lovely in leather pants, however. Smokin’ hot, in fact.

  8. I worry about wearing leather pants (flattery from Courtney notwithstanding). All I can think of is Ross from Friends not being able to get them back on after going to the washroom.

  9. I have some weird mental imagery of you in a rippy shirt, a gun slung over your back, dirt on your face from being so ruggedly handsome kicking peoples asses, and then… leather pants. it doesnt really go together:) But I’ll work with it. xo !~Leah~!

  10. My boss at work wears leather pants occasionally too… I actually threw up a little in my mouth the first time… Now I just hum to myself and look away quickly whenever she does it. Really. You’re right. She’s in her fifties. It’s time to let go. I’ve never tried them myself… but I do have a pair of pretty tight stripey pants I like to call my “Rockstar” pants… but the instant I think I can’t make them look good, that’s it! I think it’s really a matter of adjusting your self-image according to reality.

  11. Ummmm….I’d like to put a stop to this discussion on the whole Jorge-wearing-leather-pants thing. There is no need to encourage such disturbing behaviour!!! Jorge, honey, I love you. But please don’t wear leather pants because I will laugh my ass off at you.

  12. bows behind the hills/ drawing darkness around us/ night stirs and awakes

  13. I think this sentiment has been voiced by many before me: I like Mrs. Jorge 🙂

  14. i HAVETO say… in a blogosphere that is repete with mommy blogs, daddy blogs, single girl in the city blogs, inspirational blogs, tech blogs… i’ve had to search log and hard for reasonable “man blogs”…. at this point in time, i can’t commit to whether or not you are reasonable, but i’m cautiously optimistic. Nonetheless. i get the giggles when i drop in here. so there.

  15. I see leather pants …I think I need an eye mask ..forget the glasses ….geez ….

  16. LOL That just made me laugh.. I haven’t seen many leather pants here in small little Orillia but i’m sure there are a few hidden deep in closets. I’m truly hoping they stay there. Who am I kidding, if I had the body to wear ’em, I would lol *hugs* and hope you’re doing well? Karen

  17. hey jorge! long time no talk 🙂 hope all is going well for you. believe it or not, at a certain oakville theatre performance this weekend, mostly attended by people classified as ‘senior citizens’, there were a few appearances of the leather pant… just slightly scary.

  18. Nor spandex.. Nor big down coats.. or FUR.. *sigh* k.. I am done.. Yes.. I love people watching around the city of Chicago…. Someday I am going to start shooting people.. ya know? Since intriguing carbon based life forms..

  19. Gee Jorge! I know I haven’t been by lately, but I have missed banter on leather pants… Why am I not visiting your Space daily from work?? LOL!! I also have some names from interesting “spamers” for you to play with when you have time. Here goes: Jonnie Buckley Claudette Denton Gotthilf Weight Belated V. Fitting Emma Crum Ian Grimm Numbers Guy Sheelagh Hajduk Cathy Whitley Julianne Tanner Rose Walker Sensation H. Conferrer Cleopatra Loyola Numbers Guy seems like a great name! I didn’t go ahead to order the meds from him to increase my sperm count… Maybe in my next life!! Take care and have fun! Adrienne

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