Would You Like Some Salt On Your Foot?

Ever have one of those moments when you say something really inappropriate? Those are the worst, especially when the inappropriateness is due to some subtlety in the English language.

A friend at work was walking along the cubicle hallway carrying a large folded up cardboard box.

The following exchange ensued…

Jorge: Do you love your box?
Girl: Yes I do.
Jorge: Er…..


10 Responses

  1. Box lovers of the world unite!

  2. I love my box too. Er……

    Thanks for the wonderful birthday message, Jorgie! 🙂

  3. Well done my dear!


  4. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t say it as loudly as I did.

    I might as well have been naked and wearing a rainbow clown fro wig on my head.

  5. Mrs. J Rocks!

  6. We need a Mrs. J blog!

  7. That’s it…. We are trading my team lead, 4 Kegs of Keiths and a company softball team player to be named later, for Jorge.

  8. Well, you didn’t get punched in the junk, so it obviously wasn’t that bad.

  9. This is true.
    My junk is valuable to me.
    I don’t like getting punched in it.

  10. Roar! Ha HA HA! That’s so funny…but what makes it especially so, was that I had the same problem when I moved out West. Take a Newfie from there homeland… Speaking Gaelic and French to a completely English province = yuck… Especially the letter “R”…for some reason I’ve learned to never use any word that begins with that letter… I can’t pronounce it properly…hmm…or maybe these guys aren’t saying it right! So there!
    As for the Canadian commercials…yes they’ve turned out to be broadcasted from LA or NY or somewhere else…they can’t possibly be from this Country…except of course they added a french girl to the equation…and I’m still confuse by it’s marketing scheme…Drink this and you’ll be invited places? err…weird…
    Enough of my ranting! Have a great Easter!

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