Ringing Home

Another week goes by, and I realize that keeping a Blog is fun. That being said, keeping up with other people’s blogs is where the time gets burned like toast in a blast furnace.

There are also so many things to talk about, and I will once again be relying on the heading strategy. Excellent.

Technology Can Indeed Suck

I was watching an episode of Mr. Show the other day and I laughed heartily (as I usually do when I watch Mr. Show). The skit had David Cross playing an audio traditionalist. He insisted that the old ways were best, and that listening to music without the pops and hisses produced by a Victrola. I thought that it was a bit extreme (which is why I found it funny).

However, this week, standing at the bus depot, waiting for the bus (duh), I heard a plethora of different musical cellular phone ring tones. From Thriller to Shook Me All Night Long, it was a bothersome ordeal. I can guarantee you that at some point in the near future, the theme song from Knight Rider will ensue and three people in the room will reach for their phones.

What’s next? Toilets that play “Hail to the Chief” when you pull the handle?

I’m at Home Being a Gamer

Shatton and I were laughing the other day at the positions of our hands at rest on our keyboards.

I will explain…

In high school, if you took any sort of keyboarding or typing class, you learn that your four left fingers should be resting on ASDF and your four left fingers should be resting on JKL;. These are the home key positions.

Another application of the keyboard is for gaming. In most action games (1st person), the keys used to move your character are the cursor keys, or the A (Left) S (Right) D (Back) and W (Forward) keys. The mouse is usually used for targeting and firing weapons.

Shatton and I found it amusing that the home key positions for us involved having our right hand on our mouse and the first three fingers on the left hand touching ASD.

We are SO nerdy…..

4 Responses

  1. Mr. Show rocks! I love that episode, he he he…reminds me of “electric sports bra electric sports bra”

  2. If I could, I would make my toilet play the Imperial March.

  3. Maybe, in addition to the hot tub, and the grill on the ol’ lobster boat, we’ll have to add a musical latrine, playing Smoke on the Water.

    I have never seen Mr. Show. I’ve been on a big The Office kick of late. Before that it was Strangers with Candy.

  4. Man, you and Dave (touchyoulast) would get along swimmingly!

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