Short and Sweet

I was just on Reay‘s site reading one of his rants.

It’s about junk mail, and how some of us put up signs that inform the bearers of this plague that we don’t want any.

And yet, these dorks still put junk in our mailboxes.

I have a simple 4-step plan to remedy this. If we all did it, there would be less junk mail.


  1. Put all your junk mail in a bag after one month
  2. Reach in and pick out a random piece of junk mail (lottery style)
  3. Make note of the address on the piece of junk mail you pulled out of the bag
  4. Take all your junk mail from the bag and deposit it in their mailbox

Revenge can be simple and awesome.

8 Responses

  1. heya…good idea!!
    i think if enough people did this, just maybe, they would catch the hint (but I’m also thinking I shouldn’t put that much faith in ppl who send out junk mail!)
    ps. this would also work great for ppl who send out spam over email…i’m sure they’d love that!


  2. Once I bought a dress from David’s Bridal I was immediately a victim of junk mail. I wanted to keep ALL of it, and show up at the store one day and throw it at them. My mother did not approve.

  3. Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold. Right on Jorge.

  4. Revenge is also best served with a side of fries and gravy.

  5. Okay another good idea is to take the postage paid credit card envelopes and stuff them with junk mail, then mail them (for free!) to the credit card company.

  6. I somehow feel that there is no negotiating with these people. But if you try this out, and it works, then let me know.

  7. My town has a solution. If you put a “no junk mail” notice up and receive junkmail, you can call the town and they will fine the companies advertizing in the junkmail.

    Seems to solve the problem quickly.

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