Genetalia Gets Out of Hand. Cleanup in Aisle Three. More at Eleven.

Nothing makes a blog more popular than genitalia.

Well, at least it appears so from my Valentine’s Day entry. Considering I never mentioned anything overtly related to genitalia, I think that is quite an amazing feat. I wonder what would happen if I actually wrote about genitalia. Weird.

However, today’s rant is about the NHL, which has just kicked a lot of season’s pass holders in the genitalia.

I really don’t understand some people. First of all, they whine about how much hockey players get paid. And then when the hockey players are called on it, and denied an opportunity to play, these same people whine about how there is no hockey. Again, this doesn’t apply to all hockey fans. But it does apply to a good number of them

It’s entertaining that people complain during teacher strikes about how teachers are spoiled because they work only three quarters of the year and get a decent pension and summer vacations. Yet some of these same people think hockey players do not get a fair shake. Um….Yeah….

In general, professional sports are overrated. Seriously.

Does a person REALLY need to get paid millions of dollars to have fun? I mean, if this is the case, then maybe I should become a professional Jedi Academy or Battle for Middle Earth Player.

Not to mention the fact that the NHL (among other professional leagues) is not (in my opinion) the greatest place for kids to look for role models. I mean, you have conspiracy, assault, drunken antics, and that’s not even naming half of the crap that goes on.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a good thing for rabid fans to cool their jets for this season. It might bring things into perspective.  Perhaps amateur sports would make entertainment.  There is more heart there.

Just think that those unfortunate professional hockey players are not getting paid their normal salary. The poor chaps are are getting merely $8000 to $10000 a month for doing nothing now.