Picture This…

What We Watched

Dave has posted these pictures, but I thought I would as well*.

Here is a slideshow of the thirteen movies, as indicated by the lovely models…

Click to enlarge…

And here are the three heroes at the end of the marathon…

Click to enlarge…

* – You should be looking at his page daily and leaving comments! What’s the matter with you?

13 Responses

  1. I’ve been singing the praises of Jorge all over town for putting this slideshow together. Consider this one more stop on the Jorge Love Train.

  2. Boy, we’re geeky. And yes, I am asleep in the victory photo. But watching the slideshow made me all teary and nostalgic. You guys are the best! Also, I like knowing that every retarded thing I say will be forever etched into the annals of blogdom. We should do another movie marathon again soon. How about all Chuck Norris? Or Vin Diesel? (Thanks to your friend Reay for that awesome link)

  3. Hi Jorge! I tried to leave a message when I visited a few minutes ago, but my stupid computer at work (oops, maybe I should be WORKING while at work,,,) keeps freezeing then crashing on me when I visit other people’s Spaces. Just the same, I’m glad the movie-a-thon went well (or so I assume by the pictures). Take care, Adrienne

  4. Hey! I vote for the all-Vin-Diesel marathon!! Woop-woop! He is so freaking hot. I just want to grab him by that bald head and do nasty freaky things like licking his . . . Oh, sorry. This isn’t the place for that kind of fantasy, is it?

  5. Vin Diesel, eh? Have you ever seen that video of him breakdancing when he was younger? You might never look at him the same again.

  6. I still gotta do a Terminator marathon and a Firefly marathon sounds good as well (watch the series & then Serenity) but the Firefly marathon would be 794 minutes long and Terminator would be 368 minutes long. Terminator doable, Firefly would be insane…..which would make it the most likely. I have a few friends who are Firefly fans as well.

  7. T’was a loverly slideshow of sexy movie goodness. thanks for the show;) ~sv~

  8. Barbarella has NOTHING on you Jorgie!

  9. Actually, I have seen the video of him break-dancing. It did nothing to diminish the power of my lust. All I can see is him in XXX (that’s not a porn, by the way – it’s okay – I was disappointed too) go into that bedroom and that woman is in there and he says ‘the things I’m gonna do for my country.’ He can be patriotic and do me whenever he wants. If you’ll just let him know that.

  10. Dave, can you let Vin know that Courtney wants him to jump her at your next meeting with Arnold and Bruce Willis? Thanks.

  11. I’ll hop on board the “Jorge Love Train” anytime.

  12. this is very freaky but I know the lovely model for number 4—I don’t know from where, but that is a very familiar

  13. Hi Jorge!

    Saw this little ditty in the newspaper… Loved it…

    I wish I was…

    what I was…..

    when I wished I was….

    what I am today.

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