The Things I Do For Dave

What I Am Doing This Weekend

My wife thinks I am insane for doing this.

Do you think she is right?

Either way, shame on all of you for not attending this event.


Dave and I are going to try and be über-nerdy and set up a wireless router tonight so we can blog during the event.

Keep your eyes peeled!

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for giving part credit to me for the router, but basically I’ll be over your shoulder going, “Does it work? How about now? No? Okay… how about now?”

  2. Sounds fun! Deliverance is such a good movie for a marathon. I still haven’t seen Donnie Darko yet, but I bought it for my sister for Christmas so I bet I can swing that somehow. Thanks for the poem. I like it 🙂

  3. Ah, how I wish I could be there for the movie marathon. Although you really should be watching Crimetime! Have you seen Crimetime, Jorge? If not, you should totally get Dave & Sarah to lend your their copy.

  4. I think it sounds like fun!

    Head Game

  5. Oh drats.
    I must have lost my invitation in the mail..
    Sounds like you all are going to have a great time. Try not to …. weekend too hard there Jorge.

    PS.. I always have problems with the wireless router here. I found mine actually works like a TV antenna. I’ve considered attaching a coathanger to it.. pffft…


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