Hai-Kuul – Aug 22, 2005 (with Bonus!)

Before I start with the haiku today, I’d like to tip my hat to someone. One of my online blog-mates (Bill) posted this picture he drew of me in magic marker…

It’s pretty cool! It makes me look awesome. Bill‘s a talented fellow. Go give him a visit.

And now…

Cold Brains (Requested by Shatton)
Don’t drink slushies fast!
Their freezing powers will halt
Your mental workings!

Joe Louis (Requested by Shatton)
A chocolate moon
Filled with marhmallow goodness
Get ready for sweet!

Bad Posture (Requested by Shatton)
Spinal column bent
Like a weak wind-blown maple
This will haunt old age

Sleepy Time (Requested by Shatton)
The Sandman is here
Waiting with a big mallet
To hit your noggin

Cute Dog, Stinky Breath (Requested by Shatton)
Tail wagging. Eyes bright
How can such a cute mammal
Create such vile stench?

Vote For Pedro (Requested by edplue79)
He has a moustache
And a sweet bike with hookups
He’ll build you a cake

World’s Greatest…Rooster? (Requested by edplue79)
An obvious ploy
To bolster the male ego
At the bird’s expense

Collecting Snowglobes (Requested by edplue79)
Shelves of crystal globes
Has earned you the title of
Snow Prison Warden

Horny Puppies (Requested by edplue79)
Little quadrupeds
Feeling the pull of nature
Humping everything

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.

3 Responses

  1. Very cool. I just browsed through Bill’s album. Excellent pictures. 🙂

  2. Magic marker? Wow. Amazing!

  3. That’s a great picture!! I can’t believe its a magic marker!

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