Face Pampers

Face Lift

Barking Space has a slightly tweaked look!

Ive changed some of the colours to make it easier to read, and I’ve added a stats counter along the left side.

What do y’all think? Let me know!

Campers Pampers

Another weekend, another camping trip. Algonquin is calling my name.

Of course I’ll be taking the camera up with me, along with some old Portra film that my friend Cristina gave me.

Any requests for a photo of a particular subject?

20 Responses

  1. Uhmm. were all going camping..isnt that fun!!! I like the new look, its very fetching. xo’s have a great weekend ~Scovix~

  2. Butterflies!!! 😀

  3. I like the new look. 🙂 Cat

  4. Algonguin mandou ma chamar Viva meu Deus, Camara!
    Sorry. Had to throw that in there. You must find…. A shrubbery! NI! NI! NI!

  5. Dave is going to Algonquin tomorrow too—You could recognize him by the picture I posted yesterday if only Algonquin wasn’t a kajillion square miles and if only he had some seaweed handly. Have an amazing time and take and post good pictures….Lorna

  6. Howsabout a bug? Or an alien? Do you think you can catch a closeup of some alien looking bug-like creature? Hmmm….

  7. I’d like a photo of an unsuspecting camper while he/she is sleeping. If you can’t do that, maybe a photo of the food you made. Camping food always looks unappetizing. Unless you order in to your tent. Congrats on the photography exhibition!

  8. Is it too late to request pictures of light/weather? Those are my fav. T

  9. I agree with Kris about the sleeping camper pictures. I love to take pictures of people sleeping on trips with their cameras. Then they develop it and there they are snoring and drooling away on film. I would say a picture of a doe in the morning mist and dew would be really lovely. Other than that, I don’t know anything about where you’re going. So, I don’t know what else to ask for. A bigfoot maybe. lol I hope Logan’s doing better. Poor little guy. Other than that…. just dropping by to say hello. I just fell off the map for awhile, but I’m back now. Hope you have a great trip, and that all’s well with you. -Elizabeth

  10. My favourites have always been candids but seeing that you are going on a camping trip you could always take photos of the critters and misty forest photos that would be sooo cool! Happy travels

  11. hiyaaa how r ya change ???? what change…cant see anythin…hehe..may be its th comp…. damn…ther s lots of stuff to read…will catch up laters buh byeeeeee tc u (p.s….thx so much …i loveeeeeeeee th pic…yayyyy…duh…will get u th mailin adress laters…hehe…coz havent got ant right now…lmao)

  12. I’m really hoping that the weather is better for you than it has been here…wet and cold. Or, shitty, as I call it.

  13. hi my friend…i was playing with magic markers and did a sketch for you…i put it in my photo album…under friends (rogues) gallery…titled it for jorge…if you like it you can take it from there..your friend bill

  14. Hey Jorge. I was able to check out Figtography in full today, and I wanted to make a point of complimenting you on it, because it really shows the scope of your skill. I think you should quit your job and photograph your pretty wife all the time. She might find that bothersome, but I think those were the best (the best among a repertoire of truly outstanding work). Also, I thought the sight was cleverly set up. It looks professional, and interesting at the same time. Good stuff. J

  15. Hey Jorge….great job on your space buddy….keep it up!!! just popped by to say hello and see what you have been up to!!! CHeers… Diana

  16. I like the new look…. Moody, urban, tempestuous…. All that from the deep grays and blues that you added to the mix. You’ll have to share the secret of sprucing up one’s site. Hope you had a great time ~ian

  17. Just a note to say hello…be back later, Vicky

  18. it was highly recommended that I come here and check out your space.. so here I am.. lol I just read up on your cat story below, and happy belated birthday 🙂

  19. Linette – No butterfiles that I could capture. More in a later entry.

    SE1975 – Shubbery? Check.

    ksgrrl – Bugs? None noteworthy. Aliens? Lots. But they don’t like photos

    kris – I got this after I left. So unfortunately I took neither. I made an awesome steak on the Saturday night and promptly dropped it on my pants.

    TWP – I got some light ones. I’ll post those soon.

    Elizabeth – I tried to get some deer photos. Not because you asked (as I was away when you posted your comment), but because I saw some. They are too quick.

    Bill – That’s an amazing sketch. Thank you so much!

    Everyone else – Thanks for the encouragements and well wishes! I’ll be posting a story soon!

  20. Like the new colours Jorge! And it’s true – why is it that so few people realise just how FAST a bear can run when it wants to? Hmm, thoughts to ponder…

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