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Bloggy Goodness

I’ve been reading this gal‘s blog for some time. Her blog is called Kill the Goat. You should do yourself a favour and read it. I came across a link to her blog in the comments on Dave‘s. This is what greeted me, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Jay writes for herself. She’s made this perfectly clear. And she really doesn’t give a damn what you think of her writing, as it is all a journey of self (which is as it should be). However, I doubt that there are many that could resist the addictive quality of reading her work.

Go give it a shot!

Incidentally, after I read her blog for the first time, I was tempted to rename mine to Jamie Lite* as a sign of admiration!


Do you rememeber that article I wrote about happiness? Check this out.

More Funny Spam Names
Some more names that I found in my inbox of people that might actually exist**

Barely K. Incorporates

Infiltration C. Naturalness

A Non-Dave Dialog

Yes, there are some days where I don’t have witty, sparkling conversation with just Dave. There are others, too!

At our dojo, there is a weekly ritual. On Thursday nights, after the 8:45 PM class, we all go out to the local pub. It’s a great way to get to know the people you train with in another setting.

One of the guys (Christian, who recently requested some hilarious haiku topics) was half in the bag one night.

This is what transpired…

Christian: [Nudging Jorge in the arm.] Dude, check out that chick over there!
Jorge: [Lazily looking around, trying to follow Christian’s shaky pointing job.] Where?
Christian: That one. She is so HOT!
Jorge: [Looks over to where he is pointing and sees his own wife Mrs. J, who happens to be looking away from them.] Christian, that’s my wife.
Christian: [Pauses.] Dude, you are SO lucky.

That is one of the best compliments, I think. I’m not sure what Mrs. Hai-Kuul thinks of it though…


I’m not asking for votes for Best of Spaces or The Ultimate Blog or even Best Hair in Canada.

No, I’m just looking for you folks to help me decide what my ten best entries are. You can get there by clicking here, or going to the sidebar box entitled Best of Barking Space.

Remember, you have to click the e-mail link to vote. Comments don’t count.

* – Calling it Jamie Free would have sucked. Who wants to live in a world without Jamie? Not I. No. Not I.
** – Not really

Hai-Kuul – August 09, 2005

Candy Coated Heartbreak (Requested by Drea)
It’s such sweet sorrow
Parting with someone you love
In the name of truth

Monte Carlo (Requested by Drea)
Not quite exotic
More of a home-grown machine
Down south, anyway

Gravy (Requested by Drea)
Thick, soupy goodness
Tastes like a piece of heaven
Except with more fat

Gremlins (Requested by Drea)
Cunning little beasts
Causing nothing but trouble
To all around them

Notorious (Requested by Drea)
To be widely known
But not necessarily
In the best of ways

Dr. Drea (Requested by Drea)
Sending out requests
Like there is no tomorrow
What’s a guy to do?

Oklahoma (Requested by Drea)
A great little place
Whose name is forever spoiled
By an explosion

Penguins (Requested by Drea)
The blessing of flight
Was not bestowed on these birds
But they swim like fish

Margaret Thatcher (Requested by Drea)
She was tough as nails
They called her Iron Britches
Because she was strong

Physical (Requested by Drea)
Visiting the doc
To get a clean bill of health
Can be so awkward

Electromagnetic (Requested by Drea)
A subject most feared
In university halls
Obscure equations

Cash Cow (Requested by Drea)
Quadruped banker
Doling out cash with some strings
Just like a loan shark

Gin Rummy (Requested by Drea)
Interesting game
Where saying “I have some runs”
Can be a good thing

The Breakfast Club (Requested by Drea)
Eggs, bacon and cheese
Tucked in an English Muffin
A taste sensation!

Burberry Hat (Requested by Drea)
Circular hat brim
Covering your head in style
Looks good on ladies

Drowsy (Requested by Drea)
Awake yet sleepy
Almost somnabulism
I need a nice bed

Winston Churchill (Requested by Drea)
Some call him a drunk
Others call him amazing
Me? Amazing drunk

Me Mornin’ Cuppa (Requested by Drea)
Like fire in my veins
My cuppa get me going
Like a shark whip crack

One Dimple Wonder (Requested by Drea)
It started somewhere
Then more dimples were added
To the first golf ball

Grand Gestures (Requested by Drea)
Some sweeping motions
Show a generous nature
Or crappy hand-eye

The Power of One (Requested by Drea)
The meaning of this
Is lost in a huge deluge
Of haiku requests

Pot of Gold (Requested by Drea)
At the rainbow’s end
If you look very closely
You’ll find green-man’s weed

Signed and Sealed (Requested by Drea)
Contracts are scary
It is like giving a piece
Of your soul away

Chestnuts (Requested by Drea)
A meaty flavour
So sweet yet slightly bitter
A great winter treat

22 Degrees (Requested by Drea)
The obligation
Of the landlord is to keep
This up in winter

*Remember, you can submit a topic to inspire your very own Haiku Poem by clicking here. You can read about Hai-Kuul here.