The Furry Poocano Stats

Heart Attack From the Furry Children

One of the biggest problems with pets (and animals in general) is that they don’t talk. Notice, I didn’t say they can’t talk. This is because I firmly believe they actually can but choose not to say anything to us. This can be a problem when there is something medically wrong with them.

We were off for the weekend to Ottawa (only a few days), and our cats are generally good on their own. They keep each other occupied and sleep all day.

Our landlady was fixing up something in our bathroom, so we moved the litter boxes outside to a different place so that she could keep the bathroom door closed (to keep the cats out of the construction zone).

Unfortunately, we ran out of our normal litter, so we were using the back-up one. And we’d just finished adjusting their diet as well. Perhaps too many changes at once caused what we came home to.

When we arrived home from Ottawa, Logan was not really his freaky-energetic self. He was shaking, and there were telltale signs of cat urine all over the place. It seemed like it was really painful for him to urinate, and he would visit the litter box at least thirty times an hour to pee, and not actually manage to go through with it half the time. Sometimes he just ended up peeing wherever he was standing because it was just too unbearable to keep it in anymore. We didn’t know what was wrong (the lack of speech to tell us what was up).

We called one clinic, and they said it was a behavioural issue, and that everything would be fine now that we were home. We didn’t really think that diagnosis over the phone was accurate, so we called another place, and they told us to bring him in right away.

So we tucked him into the pet carrier while our other cat watched, and meowed, and then drove to Mississauga to the 24-hour clinic. After an hour or so, they figured out he had a bladder infection, and needed to hydrate. So they injected him under the skin with water (giving him a big, wet hump on his back), and gave us some pills to take care of his problem. This all took place on the morning of my Birthday. Not really the best way to celebrate, but our little guy needed help.

What really stuck with me is how the Mississauga clinic guy told us that it was good that we brought him in because he may not have lasted until the morning if we didn’t. A pox on the other clinic, I say!

The Poocano

The pills that we were given were to last about two weeks. We had to give Logan a pill in the morning and one at night – every day. This was challenging, but doable.

The problem with the pills was that they caused him to have the runs. He would use the litter box, and then go somewhere to clean himself, but the telltale signs of runniness were everywhere. It wasn’t really his fault. When your stool is softer, gravity seems to play a much more active role in distributing tracks all over the place.

One of the games that cats play is called hide and freak. Essentially one cat will hide around a corner and jump out at the other one, who was most likely minding their own business. Cats always leap vertically ass first usually turning in the air to land facing whatever startled them.

Unfortunately, poor Logan was on his way to the bathroom. Laila jumped out and Logan jumped high in the air, ass first, spraying crap in a wide arc all over the wall.

He landed, composed himself, and then ran into the bathroom.

I cleaned up the mess (which wasn’t too bad) and then made sure that Logan knew that he wasn’t in trouble.

The next day, I was chuckling to myself about what had transpired the night before. Mrs. Jorge was curious as to why I was laughing…

Mrs. J: What’s so funny?
Jorge: The cats last night.
MJ: What happened? Is everything okay?
J: Well, Laila scared the crap out of Logan!

The best material writes itself.

It has been a few years since he had that problem. It has never returned.

Stats Whore!

So, in this world that is obsessed with Stats, I figured I would just rattle off some numbers..


Total Hits to Barking Space: 19363

Total Number of Haiku Written: 810

Links To My Blog (According to Technorati): 52

Sites Linking to my Blog (Technorati): 40

Technorati Rank: 46967

Number of Posts Linking to my Photography Page: 9

Number of Hits to my Photography Page: 1596


13 Responses

  1. Laila just scared the crap out of Logan! LOL!

    Poor Logan Hope he’s better.

  2. Tehehe. My friend has a similar “scared the crap out of her” story about the night her dog got spooked.

    I hate when our kitties are sick, and now we’ve mostly taken in a stray who likes to pick fights then come to us all bloody for a cleaning.

  3. Wow, I pity whoever had to clean up THAT mess.

  4. Ah, lovely. Glad I don’t have to eat anytime soon.
    You know, I never could figure out the whole ‘stats’ thing. Glad it’s working for you anyway.

  5. ROFL!!! OMG!!!!


    *tears streaming down face*

    Holy shit!!!

    Poor kitty!!

    Still funny though!!


  6. Just stopping by to say hi!

  7. The stats thing is weird.
    On one hand it’s neat to watch it grow.
    On the other hand I think people tend to think too much of them.

    You are the stats queen anyway, Jay.


  8. Wow you are popular. On the road to 20,000…. Geez Louise!

    I think the whole litter box thing always steered me away from cats. That and getting mauled by one I was attempting to rescue out of a tree. Firemen get totally props for undertaking this duty…

    Hope all is well in the world of Jorge….. I chickened out on the Capoeira and took a judo class instead. Probably a little more my speed, and I knew some before I started which helps.

  9. Excellent stats you have there 🙂

    As for your question on my page, I’ve auditioned once but I quickly realized my joy lay behind the scenes, where I have the chance to be involved in the technical side of making magic happen 🙂 Besides, I love listening to all of the chatter on the headphones as cues come and go, you can’t do that if you’re performing lol

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. You sound like a wonderful pet owner! Really.

    I hope Logan has made a full recovery.

  11. Poor Logan. I know what it is like to have a sick pet…all I can say is…very very messy.

  12. Oh Gees Poor Logan…
    Is there any possibility you can give Logan some Immodium even 1/4 tablet might help..
    I had given my dog a different type of chew bone and that set into motion the same senerio.. I was able to change the outcome by using Immodium

    Good Luck

  13. I saw Barb suggested immodium. That can be used on dogs, depending on the size. But don’t give any to Logan. Cats can’t take it.
    That is so funny that he literally had the crap scared out of him. I laughed so hard when I read that, that I had tears pouring down my face. Poor little guy.
    As for the first vet clinic that you called… They sound like idiots. Right off the bat, before I finished the story I knew he had a bladder infection, and I haven’t been a vet tech in years. Whoever you talked to doesn’t know their business. I’m soooo glad that you took him to another place. It would have broken my heart to read about losing another cat.

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