I’ll Have Your 18-Hour Photo Stuff Updated

I’ll Have Your Spam. I Love It!

I’ve been saving some of these names up from my inbox at home. I’ve been saving these because I find it amusing (as I stated here). Check these out…

  • Householder F. Ubiquitously
  • Diagram F. Generalissimos
  • Pimientos V. Unofficial
  • Pickpocket M. Awarest
  • Wit S. Bibliographic
  • Instil G. Vibrantly
  • Tacos G. Recklessness
  • Sidekick H. Dice
  • Ghostliest V. Untold

Most ominous…

Killings U. Ester

Most hilarious…

Pacifists B. Grovellers

Most eerily applicable to me…

Pyrotechnics K. Haiku

That was creepy.

18-Hour K-Rot Class? What the Hell is Wrong With You?

Yes. You read that correctly.

An 18-Hour Class this past Saturday.

In Karate.

What do you do in 18-Hours of Karate?


A lot.

But it’s a good kind of pain.

Actually, other than the stiffness it was a really great experience. We learned a lot that day, especially how much you can push yourself.

You also really gain an appreciation for senior belts and you grow closer to the people who participate.

It was a really great time.

I suppose some of you want specifics.

I can’t tell you, though. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Photo Stuff

I’ve received a few requests from people who are interested in my photos. I’m not sure if I’ve ever really made it that obvious, but they are available for purchase.

I’m not trying to whore myself out here, but I figured I’d post that tidbit as I’ve received inquiries from more than one person that’s not related to me.

I’m thinking about making some type of catalogue thing that shows the photo, the associated story accompanying the image and the technical information. What do you all think of this?

Updated August 15, 2005 (15:45)

I had a Microsoft Word version (hefty at a little over 5 megs in size) which was available this morning for download. Unfortunately, it is hefty at a little over 5 Megs in size.

Linette was kind enough to create a better (and much smaller) version for me which you can now download from here. It is in PDF format.

14 Responses

  1. You better whore yourself out because otherwise all of the fans of your photography will begin pimping you out;) xo ~leah~

  2. Hehehe I like Householder F. Ubiquitously. What does the F stand for? hmmm? I have an idea about that. 18 hour karate class! Oh My! Seeing how far you can push yourself is good. Having “mushy” knuckles is not. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  3. I have an idea…. I messaged you about it. Let me know what you think. 🙂

  4. Hey man! Whore away! You deserve to make money just like anyone! 🙂 Good luck with the new show! And I think I know how you feel… lately it feels like ball-hockey has COMPLETELY ECLIPSED everything else in my life… I’m sore and there seems to be no end in sight! 🙂 But I keep playing, don’t I? I read your Gorilla stories, hilarious. People can be REAL idiots when they think they are safe, eh? Imagine those bars weren’t there… do you think Mr. Weird Al clone would be throwing nuts at Mr. Charles? I highly doubt it. I actually enjoy the zoo as well, and they really do some good work in the areas of conservation and protection. I actually know a girl who worked in the reproductive labs for a while before transferring to Australia… but digest… I think that the whole, “girls wearing clubbing clothes” and guys “cruising for chicks” thing may go hand in hand… just a thought… but it’s pretty funny. Who goes to the ZOO to find girls? There’s a VERY funny punchline here, but I have not the wit nor the wherewithal at the moment to deliver it… have a great day, Jorge! James.

  5. 18 hours of karate? The only marathon-type craziness I’ve ever participated in was a 24-hour drawing/painting class. Most everyone died out around 18-hours. Not me though. Why? Because I was the model who showed up after dark and slept through most of it. Who knew that having the ability to sleep in contorted positions without moving would ever be an asset? p.s. You can *a-hem* steal veggies from our garden anytime. Hope you like tomatoes and hot peppers.

  6. Never be afraid to whore yourself out! Its not like were asking to see you in a diaper 😉

  7. 18 hours? Damn, I used to be in Kenpo and I couldn’t fathom a full18 hour class.

  8. Hey Jorge….just popped by to say hello and leave you this…. Gotcha!!!!!_____ ___________________________________ ____________3333333333_____________ __________33333333333333___________ _________3333________3333__________ ________3333_________3333_________ _________3333________3333_________ __________3333_____________________ ____________3333333333333__________ ______________________3333_________ _________3333__________3333________ _________3333_________3333_________ __________333333333333333__________ ____________33333333333____________ ___________________________________ _________333333333333333333________ _________333333333333333333________ _________3333______________________ _________3333______________________ _________33333333333_______________ _________33333333333_______________ _________3333______________________ _________3333______________________ _________333333333333333333________ _________333333333333333333________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ _______33333____________33333______ _________33333________33333________ __________33333______33333_________ ____________33333__33333___________ _______________333333______________ _______________333333______________ ____________33333__33333___________ __________33333______33333_________ _________33333________33333________ _______33333____________33333______ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ _______33333____________33333______ _________33333________33333________ ___________33333____33333__________ ____________33333__33333___________ _______________333333______________ ________________3333_______________ ________________3333_______________ ________________3333_______________ ________________3333_______________ ________________3333_______________ TAG UR IT! THIS IS A SEXYY TRAIN IF U RECIEVE THIS IT MEANS UR FREAKIN SEXY…. IF U GET THIS BACK UR EVEN SEXIERR…SEND THIS TO 10 PEOPLE…

  9. //,, (,”) ,,J L,, cool space just looking at random blogs this seems ok keep up good work

  10. 18 hours of karate..ouch ouch sigh:) I would be in a hot bath overnight lol Hope the rest of the weekend was great! Hmm pimping picture’s .. I’ll have to think about that :)lol Hugs Barb

  11. 18 hours of Karate? Ouch…. That seems almost as painful as the stuff they were doing at the Atlantic Break Dancing Championships here this weekend. Sadly I would break something if I tried those moves today. How could you move the next day after 18 hours of it. Yikes!

  12. Mmm tacos. Dammit Jorge, it’s 7 am, where am I going to get tacos at this hour? Eh? Eh?

  13. I’d say Taco bell. But then.. Those aren’t really tacos, are they?

  14. Yowza- that seems like a whole lot of karate going on! I think I’m inspired! Not to do karate for 18 hours maybe… ok definitely not that… but something!

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