Hai-Kuul – August 03, 2005

Beauty ‘n the Beast (Requested by princess_castle)
He’s ugly as sin
She’s the most beautiful girl
A true miracle

Leave it There (Requested by princess_castle)
That cupcake is mine
I just finished baking it
Get your paws off it

Again ‘n Again (Requested by princess_castle)
Friends is on TV
On pretty much all channels
A good show, but sheesh…

Nonstop Nonsense (Requested by princess_castle)
A clown convention
Can become pretty crazy
Many red noses

A Panoramic Saga (Requested by princess_castle)
One could argue that
The centerfolds in playboy
Can be described thus

Saludos Desde España (Requested by princess_castle)
¡Hola Amigos!
Hablo español muy bien
Yo tengo hambre

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2 Responses

  1. hiya honey…I have no idea what a haiku is…my interests…hmmm…the internet…spending time with my daughter…and sex…yes…sex and lots of it!!! Did I say sex? because I really meant…lots of sex!!! take care sugar xxx

  2. whatttt ??? 3 more lines of spanish ????? gosh …cant take it anymore grrrrrrrrr secret sign language….eh ??? or did u just say i am th world s greatest moron…ewwwwwwwww wher can i get a translator….!!!!! too much…i m outta here …!!!!! hehe

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