You’re the Meaning in My Life…

…You’re the Aspiration…

Little J is under the weather. With a nose full of goobers, it’s tough to breathe, so crankiness is abound!

Slava Bogu for the nasal aspirator. You know the thing. A little mini turkey baster thingy, used to pluck mucus from the nostrils of babes.

Well, Dave and I spoke on this today.

Jorge: Little J is sick. Stuffed up nose.
Dave: Awwwww!
J: Trying to help clear the area up with the aspirator.
D: Ah! Suck it right out eh?
J: Yeah. It’s pretty handy.
D: Man, why don’t we have that?
J: What? A grown up version?
D: Exactly.
J: I don’t know. It’s an idea.
D: You can shoot it out after right?
J: Definitely.
D: Cool.

This is why we are not in charge of purchasing things for hospitals.

8 Responses

  1. I do hope she feels better soon .
    But honestly you and Dave are such a hoot ! LOL brings back some memories … 🙂

  2. Jorge, you don’t shoot it out afterwards to see it, do you? It’s not cool, is it?

    Hehe, of course it is!!

    Funny boys.

  3. How about that Mr. Thirsty thingy from the dentist? That would do the trick, huh?

    No booger gun action afterwards, though. Shame.

  4. My Dad used to call it the “snot sucker” too. I have memories of being cornered and my parents having to use it on me. It SUCKS in so many ways!!

    Hope she feels better soon. Summer colds are yucky.

  5. Hey! Thanks for the comments! It is very, very nice to see the results of taking the dog for a walk 3 times a day!!!! I am down to 132 now and need to shorts!!! All of the ones I have fall off now!!! So, that is a good problem!!! =] Hope all is well with you!!!

  6. “you can shoot it out after right?”

    Typical dudes!

    Hope she feels better soon!

  7. But wait, don’t we have the Neti pot for this very purpose? I’m gagging just thinking about it . . .

  8. Hmm. Whats green and flies through the jungle.

    Elephant Snot!

    You may think its funny!

    But its snot!

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