You’re the Meaning in My Life…

…You’re the Aspiration…

Little J is under the weather. With a nose full of goobers, it’s tough to breathe, so crankiness is abound!

Slava Bogu for the nasal aspirator. You know the thing. A little mini turkey baster thingy, used to pluck mucus from the nostrils of babes.

Well, Dave and I spoke on this today.

Jorge: Little J is sick. Stuffed up nose.
Dave: Awwwww!
J: Trying to help clear the area up with the aspirator.
D: Ah! Suck it right out eh?
J: Yeah. It’s pretty handy.
D: Man, why don’t we have that?
J: What? A grown up version?
D: Exactly.
J: I don’t know. It’s an idea.
D: You can shoot it out after right?
J: Definitely.
D: Cool.

This is why we are not in charge of purchasing things for hospitals.