Recently, Mrs. J and I left Little J with a babysitter so that we might enjoy some time away from the daily routine.

It was an interesting mix of relief and guilt all rolled up into one package.

To our credit, we only phoned once to check in. It was more for the babysitter than anything, as Little J can be quite the fusspot in the evening hours.

In another sappy moment, I realized that I had several photos and movies of the tyke on our digital camera, so in true softie fashion I plugged the camera into the TV and had a little slideshow time.

Adult in Training

It’s amazing how much of one’s life a child truly commands. I certainly anticipated my life changing when we had the little one, but I never realized how different it was until this weekend.

And it is a good thing to spend time away once in a while. If not for your own sanity, then definitely to strengthen the family bond.

I know in my heart that I will not be able to hold onto Little J forever. One day, far in the future, she will separate from us to live her own life. The strange part is that I am preparing her to do that.

Someone once said that the best leaders are the ones who train their followers to replace them or surpass them.

And that is what we do as parents. We try our best to enable our children to do the one thing we fear the most – lose their dependency on us.