Fabulous Scrabble


I’m a self-proclaimed nerd.

But when it comes to Scrabble, I am in an area that far surpasses the common nerd. Something about the game just gets my mind working in overdrive.

I really don’t get to play that often. The games that you find for computers are either too easy, or too difficult to be believable (the computer spells seven letter words every turn). It becomes boring or tiresome.

As with most things, human competition is best. There is a great deal of variablilty between players. Not to mention it is a lot more fun to trash talk each other.

With the computer, you usually have a good idea within a few moves whether you will win or lose the game. But with people, you have no idea.

When Facebook implemented the Scrabulous application I was pretty happy.

The ability to play extended turn-based games of Scrabble with multiple opponents was a very exciting prospect, so I wasted no time in installing it. I don’t normally like installing applications into my profile, but this was a huge exception.

Someone asked me why I like the game so much, and it occurred to me that the philosophy of playing the game is a lot like life…

You make the most with what you’ve got.

Here a Wedding, There a Wedding…

The Summer of Weddings

It has been a marathon summer of weddings. It’s incredible.

Not that I mind weddings. I actually really like them! It would be an amazing thing to have these events all the time.

A Quick Shout Out

I recently attended my cousin’s wedding.

The ceremony was amazing. It was held outdoors at A’s parents place in the middle of the country. The garden and grounds are incredible. The weather was great, and dragonflies were flitting about, touching down here and there, their wings shining in the afternoon light. The words spoken were warm and Mrs J and I got to do a reading while little J was being looked after by Mrs J’s mum.

A looked A-Mazing.
Click to enlarge…

After a brief mixer at A’s parents’ place, we headed over to a local hall where the rest of the festivities were waiting to be, um, festivitied.

There was music, dancing and amazing speeches. The reception was a hit with everyone.

Here I am. Putting on the Handsome Man™ smile with the newlyweds.
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When a couple is really in love, the wedding seems altogether sweeter. The day that A&D got married was a grand one.

Congrats, guys!

Hai-Kuul – August 15, 2007

Holy Cow! (Inspired by Little J)
Cute Little Monkey
We have to buy you a new
Car seat this soon? Wow

Was it Something I Said?


I was talking to a friend about dreams, and the following words fell out of my mouth…

Dreams hold a lot of power. They are a gateway to other parts of ourselves, and to parts of our other selves.

What do you think dreams are?