Was it Something I Said?


I was talking to a friend about dreams, and the following words fell out of my mouth…

Dreams hold a lot of power. They are a gateway to other parts of ourselves, and to parts of our other selves.

What do you think dreams are?

10 Responses

  1. Dreams are a subconcious means of expressing the things we can’t say and do when we’re awake. They’re also a way for our brain to think all the crazy things we don’t let it think when we’re using it while awake.

  2. I hope they aren’t anything too important because I am not a person who really remembers their dreams and what little I do seems to resemble simple daily life. Sometimes I dream about sleeping.

  3. and also parts of our past …. communication with one’s self they reveal alot of emotion and we move out of our saftey range at times …..

  4. Apparently for effective sleep we need to have eight hours so that our body/mind can process all of the data that was stored during the day. This process allows our body to shed the “unnecessary” details and retain the pertinent information.

    Dreams are amazing experiences that can sometimes blur the line between what we think is real and what is not. (After waking sometimes I do believe I can fly.) The other selves bit is SO true.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to have visitors!

    Dreams…ha…Dreams are nothing more than your unconscious self playing “what if” games. Good thing too, because without them, you would not be able to think/plan/decide/ coherently.

  6. My dreams are my built-in entertainment system, I think. Although sometimes they come true . . .

    Hope all is well!!

  7. If dreams are a part of my other self then that other self is a weirdo ’cause, you know, I’m so normal…

  8. It all depends on the content.

    If they are positive, if they help me work through something in my waking life or just generally leave me feeling giddy about myself or the coming day, I lean toward them reflecting the inner workings of my brain and soul that are just that much beyond my reach.

    If they leave me with more frown lines than I had the night before, I tend to think it’s just the universe’s way of effing with me.

  9. I have no idea what dreams are, other than the product of REM sleep, but since I allow them to make me do things like take dance classes, give behavioural advice to Courtney Love and Michael Jackson, and most recently, to let my hair grow, I have to admit they have an impact….

  10. I like to think that dreams are very real interactions in a world that isn’t governed by reason.

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