The Most Wonderful Convo

It’s the Most Wonderful Time…

My ass.

My commute to work this morning was decidedly more unpleasant with the increase in students on the subway.

That sounds so negative, doesn’t it?

I suppose I should ensure that my barbs go out to those who rightfully deserve it, so let me clear up who I am talking about, first.

You two. Yes, I’m talking to you. The gals with the earth-toned clothing and conservative haircuts. You two are standing as far from the doors as possible, safely out of the way of people trying to exit or board the train. You are a-ok in my books.

Let’s move on to you, the guy with the t-shirt, loose cardigan, shorty-short-short jean shorts, faux-suede winterboots with the black hockey socks pulled up to your mid thigh? You’re sitting unobtrusively, listening to your I-pod. You’re safe.

And you guys & gals in the skater/grunge/lumberjack clothing. You’re having a quiet conversation off to the side as well. You are good in my books.

It’s you. That’s right. You two standing in the doorway. The doorway that is on the side of the subway that people are entering and exiting for the next eight stops. Canoodling away and pretending you don’t exist when the doors open. You are in the way! Move your damned asses.

Not to mention you guys. The gang whose level of conversation approach rock concert decibel levels. I don’t need to know the details of your parents house. Especially since I’m all the way on the other end of the subway car. I don’t envy that poor old couple sitting beside you. I can see them putting their hearing aids away and shoving cotton into their ear canals.

What happened?

Were we like this, as children? Us? Generation X? Because Generation Why certainly is.

If things don’t start getting better, I’m going to be eating a whole lot of kidney and lima beans for breakfast before I go to work.

At least I know for sure that I would have my very own subway car.

Convo? It’s Been a While!

When writing the above rant, I couldn’t remember what our generation’s name was. So I called up Dave

Jorge: Dude. What Generation are we?
Dave: What?
J: What is our Generation called?
D: Generation…mmmmmehh….X?
J: Really? Generation X?
D: I think so. Don’t you feel Generation EXY?
J: I don’t know about Generation EXY but I sure feel Generation Sexy!
D: Blog it.

After that little exchange, I told Dave the premise of my entry, describing some of the stuff I see on the subway…

J: So what do you think?
D: I think that you should be called Generation Grumpy Old Man.

Maybe he’s right…


17 Responses

  1. I find myself getting grumpier as the years go on. It must be the natural order of things …

  2. Dude, I blew it. I think we’re actually the Lost Generation. What with all the bullfighting and living in Paris and chilling with Gertrude Stein that we do.


  3. No, the Lost Generation is the one before the Boomers—-bet you can’t even name one.

    And as for commuters, the one I want kneecapped is the one with the cold he’s been nursing just so he could bring it to work with him—on the crowded bus. I’d like to choke him with Kleenex. Oh wait, he doesn’t have any.

  4. I’m on the cusp of the baby boomers and generation X. Born in 1960. Don’t know what that makes you. As for the subway, my hat goes off to anyone that rides it. The planet owes you!
    In Japan people with colds wear masks in order not to share thier colds with everyone. They have neat decorated ones so you don’t look like a looser. I actually saw someone wearing one today working at Canadian Tire. The lady had a bad cold. Could common courtesy actually be catching on here in Canada?

  5. “Generation…mmmmmehh….X?” I love that line…I dunno why…I think it is the mmmmmeh…it really does describe our generation! LOL

  6. Here is the run down on the Generations titles
    You can basically pick what you want to be…I choose from 1964 “Generation X” because it has been described as a generation consisting of those people whose teen years were touched by the 1980s. Cool (from Wikipedia)

    Greatest Generation 1911–1924
    Jazz Age 1929–1956
    Silent Generation 1925–1945
    Baby Boomers 1946–1964
    Beat Generation 1948–1962
    Generation Jones 1954–1965
    Consciousness Revolution 1964–1984
    Baby Busters 1958–1968
    Generation X 1961–1981
    MTV Generation 1975–1985
    Culture Wars 1984–2005
    Boomerang Generation 1981–1986
    Generation Y 1977–2003
    Internet Generation 1986–1999
    New Silent Generation 2001–

  7. Thank you, mysterious stranger!

  8. MTV generation? I’ve never even WATCHED MTV! So I’m picking Gen X too. Besides, it sounds cooler. 🙂

    Also… I don’t ride the subway, so I can’t really relate to your misery in that respect, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we probably WERE like that when we were their age. I think we were a LITTLE more respectful of authority, but essentially, when groups of us congregated, we were loud. And obnoxious. And I’m sure people secretly wished that some of us would choke on our jolly ranchers.

  9. Hehehe, so many gross, nasty commuter stories…

    Dude, your disgreuntled rant is almost like any other… on the first day back to work after a long weekend.

    It’ll get better.

    Lots of kids drop out after the first month, anyway.

  10. I’ve posted, Jorge…happy now? I will visit more.

    Rude commuters and students suck.

  11. I had to drop a shoulder into a crowd of people who wouldn’t let me get off the train last week. The door opened, there I was about to step off, when I got flooded by a sea of jerks.

  12. Katie: My comment was supposed to mean that I should visit you more often. But yes, I’m happy you’re here. 🙂 You and your crazy backhand pointing ways.

    Shellie: Were you wearing your Team Canada Jersey?

  13. Hi Jorge…

    WOw…you have really done a lot of great things here…I am impressed….

    I have been very very busy…We just had our first baby….
    Cole Matthew…he is a wonderful …..hence the lost blogs….

    You have always been a great read and I will pop by more often…now that I am home for a year!!!


  14. thank you. i always appreciate new visitors! i have another place i write too, come by some time and see the new room at

  15. Can I be from the Generation Jones? I wasn’t born in it, but I do like the name.

  16. Well it looks like I am a baby buster …. I burst my parents bubble by arriving nine 1/2mos after my sister …. hmmmmmmmm I was a month early so really that would make me a six week check up baby 🙂 . Jorge you are so fasinating …

  17. How can Gen X last all the way to 1981 when Gen Y starts sometime in the late 1970s? Last I saw, I just barely made Gen X with my 73 birthday. Hmmmm . . . .

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