Something Happened Cryptic

Something to Think About

A few days ago, I posted the following item…

When does 1×1=3?

Some people got it. Some people didn’t.

Surprisingly, it was my friends in positions requiring immense amounts of brain power that took the longest to get it.

What Happened?

Shortly after I posted it, I had to take it down. It revealed too much about something that we needed to tell a few people in person (or on the phone) before it became public.

Apologies to those who commented already and found their comments deleted. Also, some of the people who figured out the answer were worried when I took it down. I assure you everything is fine.

Why Are You So Cryptic?

Deal with it. And to that end, here is a joke that answers the original cryptic question…

What does Jorge say when someone grabs Mrs. Jorge’s Arm?

Leggo my preggo!

Now it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to figure out what I meant.