The Real World Auction

The Real World

I was riding the subway to work this morning, and ended up standing by two girls who were most likely in their second year of university.

Some of what they were saying was refreshing. One girl was obviously trying to appear more worldy than she was though. Can’t fault her for that as we’ve all fallen into that bit at least once in our lives.

My favourite line, though, was when one of the girls started talking about how stupid she thought high school was…

Girl 1: I love University life.
Girl 2: Yeah. Me too.
G1: It’s so different from high school. People are so much friendlier.
G2: Totally.
G1: I’m glad I will never have to go through the high school experience again.
G2: Yeah?
G1: I mean, you wake up. You go to school. You work all day. You go home. Sometimes you do work there. Then you go to bed. And then you repeat.
G2: Tell me about it. University and everything after is totally different.


I must still be in high school.

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