Something Happened Cryptic

Something to Think About

A few days ago, I posted the following item…

When does 1×1=3?

Some people got it. Some people didn’t.

Surprisingly, it was my friends in positions requiring immense amounts of brain power that took the longest to get it.

What Happened?

Shortly after I posted it, I had to take it down. It revealed too much about something that we needed to tell a few people in person (or on the phone) before it became public.

Apologies to those who commented already and found their comments deleted. Also, some of the people who figured out the answer were worried when I took it down. I assure you everything is fine.

Why Are You So Cryptic?

Deal with it. And to that end, here is a joke that answers the original cryptic question…

What does Jorge say when someone grabs Mrs. Jorge’s Arm?

Leggo my preggo!

Now it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to figure out what I meant.

30 Responses

  1. Let me be the first to say “I got it the first time”

    Hang on, because from here on out the ride don’t stop …

  2. See, I could have got that eventually! Congrats to you and Mrs. Jorge!

  3. I missed it the first time, but I knew what it was before you posted this here. Yeah, I’m psychic. You know that.

  4. Congratulations…

    I knew I was right the second you pulled the post down for very understandable reasons.

    You are going to be a great dad!!

  5. Hey Jorge

    I was one of those people you were talking about. I thought it was one of those cryptic puzzles.

    Congratulations to you and Mrs. J. You guys will make great parents, if the baby is a girl we will have a lot of hand me downs for her. if not he will look silly wearing my daughters dresses.

  6. Yeah… I’m one of the people who didn’t get it… and to be honest.. I STILL don’t!! Ha ha… you must have thought I was NUTS on messenger… I was trying DESPERATELY to figure it out.

    I think if you had said 1+1=3… i might have had more success, but then again… probably not.

    Either way, congratulations from the densest friend you’ve got with a 180 IQ! 😉

    It’s all coming together, eh? House, kids… MINIVAN is next! ha ha!

  7. Woo hoo!!!! This is AWESOME news 🙂 I’m psyched for the both of you. I’ve been waiting a long time for Jorge to procreate, mostly because he has the best baby picture in the universe and I was curious if his own offspring would be as photogenic. 🙂

  8. Of course the offspring will be photogenic…..have you seen Mrs. Jorge?!?!
    Congrats to the both of you…’ll both be amazing parents!

  9. Was that a shot?

    I think it was.


  10. Congrats Mr and Mrs J … Welcome to the other club. Pretty decent month you guys are putting together. First a house and now a kid, what do you do for an encore?

  11. Welcome to club…also there goes your sleep!!!


  12. congrats to you both ! 🙂 a baby such a beautiful thing to have happened between two people who love one another and respect one another so much … sleep while you can. 🙂


  13. Let me be the first to say: “I never would have figured it out.”

    Baby… Baby… Pirate??

  14. Hey, that’s great! It’s a hell of a ride. You’ll love it!

  15. What??? A BABY?!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I was going to say you guys would make great parents but then everyone’ll think I’m copying them. Oh well. You guys would make FANTASTIC parents.

  16. who are you?

  17. Let me be the first to say “Zolox florgid queeb, snarkle bip!”

    Also, mazel tov! I’m happy to hear the news.

  18. I am so excited for you guys! I can’t think of two people more fit to bring life into the world.

    This is going to be the most exciting time of your life – enjoy every minute of it!

  19. Jorge, you were totally bursting – while trying not to tell anyone.

    The best scene ever (on Messenger):
    Kelly: hi jorge.
    Jorge: T’s pregnant.

    That’s awesome, yo!

    And, to hazard an answer for Mike -> for an encore…. (drum roll please)… It’s twins!


  20. Congrats, J-Man and T! I can’t wait to read all the crazy blog entryies about the new addition when they arrive (‘cuz you know you’ll have soooo much time on your hands once they arrive)! =)

  21. sweet baby jesus!!! or should i say sweet baby jorgus!?!????
    Ohmigod – you guys don’t mess around (or maybe you do, too much) house and now kiddos!!! Congratulations!!!




  22. Jorge, that is the coolest news EVER!
    …so very excited and happy for you and Mrs. J.
    I will start knitting booties right now…wooohooo!

  23. oh! hi! nice to *meet* you.

    congrats on the baby!

  24. I was halfway tempted to write something resembling an obit when I posted. I think the truth is going to be skewed if your family writes your obit anyway. I mean, they HAVE to say nice things about you. So why not say nice things about yourself? No one really has to be the wiser. I am tempted, very tempted.

    Are you a journalist/writer?

  25. Jorge .. I had just read about Mrs. J’s grandmother … I lost a dear one too on the 28th while we were away …. Your tribute was very touching… and a new life has been created as one ends their earthly journey(sp)… Thank you for everything.. I knew something wasn’t quite right when I returned home …A life for a life through eternity, as my friend’s daughter is expecting as well …
    take care

  26. Thank you to those of you who left us well wishes. Positive energy at this hectic time is always welcome!

    Gnat, I knew I loved you for a reason!

    Kelly, you’re evil. No twins! I might really loose my mind. Right now I’m just borderline crazy.

  27. JORGE!

    That’s the bestest news in the entire universe! Congratulations! I would have said this on Messenger, but I have about three minutes before I have to go back to the floor waxing of doom. (Must fight the evil powers of dirt and grime!)

    Congratulations again!

  28. welcome to another wonderful world!!! soon you’ll know what am i talking about. 😉

  29. Ohmigod ohmigod OHMIGOD!!!!

    Congratulations! And for the record: I would have “gotten it” if I had seen it!

  30. Hey there Jorge!
    It’s been ages since I visited your blog! Its been a crazy (and internetless) few months. I’m in Toronto now- going to school. But enough about me: BIG CONGRATULATIONS!
    (Warrior Princess)

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