Summer Summary

Questions, Questions…

In the absense of anything meaningful from me, I turn to you, the passengers along for the ride on this ship bound for wherever.

I have some questions, which you can answer in the comments…

  • Do you think summer is really over?
  • How do you normally spend your summers?
  • Was there anything exceptional about this summer? Did you do something special?

16 Responses

  1. Do you think summer is really over?
    We still have a few nice days left 🙂

    How do you normally spend your summers?
    Dreaming about trips to New Hampshire

    Was there anything exceptional about this summer? Did you do something special?

    Anytime I get to spend with Mattie is special because we are busy people. I lost my vacation time due to the new job, but I did start training for the walk a thon that I’ll be doing in a few weeks, and I’m very excited that I had that opportunity.

  2. Summer over? Why would it be … it’s not over seasonally until 3 weeks into September. Most people don’t *have* to take vacation time in the summer. It’s only over for kids (and I’m not counting furry ones, J). Weekends in September are some of the best times to do the final summertime stuff. And the sunsets are the best.

    How do I normally spend my summers? Working. Sad but true. 3 weeks in a year == 1 in December, 1 for March Break, and 1 usually in the summer, but it always seems to get sucked up by obligatory stuff. On weekends in the summer I try to spend as much time as possible outside, but in the smoggy daze of Waterloo it was hard. In Victoria, it has been much easier 🙂 and prettier! Jorge, I seem to recall that you like outdoor photography 😉 … Victoria is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been in.

    What did I do this summer, let’s see… I guess I moved halfway across the continent. That might count as “special”.

  3. Captain … Man Overboard!

    (Here is my summer recap: Baby – that is all)

  4. I figure summer is officially over when I have to start wearing a sweater… which is usually when the temp drops below -10 or so…

    Heh… your second question reminds me of a scene from LA Story where Steve Martin wants to book a reservation at a ridiculous, pretentious restaurant called “L’IDIOT” and he must face an interview at the “Third Reich Bank”. The Maitre’D (Patrick Stewart) bombards him with questions about his financial status and asks him at one point, “Where do you summer??”


    Anyhoo, normally… I spend my summers working. This one, alas, has been no different.

    However, this summer I went white-water rafting for the first time… which was AWESOME… also my ball-hockey team made it to the Provincal Championships. Other than that, I’ve just been working and enjoying the awesome weather we’ve had this year! Really folks, this has been a WICKED summer so far!

  5. For me summer’s over when you can’t sit on that patio and enjoy your beer and you have to opt to sit in a crowded bar listining to really bad Karaoke.

    Nothing normal anymore about summers ever since I became a Dad. Use to have holidays (that used to be a nice concept) haven’t had many this year.

    Kayaked for the first time – quite enjoyed the experience and I would like to do it again.

    It’s funny though that you mention that you have nothing to say, because I feel the same way in my blog. Just tired and drained and nothing to say.

  6. Oh, I’m not tired. Nor am I drained. Just a little wistful at the last entry.

  7. Summer over…. funny I never really think of summer being over till it snows. The fall is my favourite time of year and I usually experience my first snowfall while way up North on my annual pilgramage to fill my freezer.
    This happens on the second weekend of Octoberfest, hence why I am going to Octoberfest 1st weekend. By the way, will you be joining us?
    I normally spend my summers on my bicycle olong one of the many fantastic bike trails in this city, by the lake or along the river. Patio’s and short excursions to the near north or somewhat longer ones to the further north. Fishing is a passion leftover from childhood and not indulged as much as I would like.
    This summer was the summer to remember for a lifetime! I packed up my bicyle and took it to Amsterdam, the city of bicycles and spent 10 adventure filled days in the most liberal city on earth. I lost everything I brought over with me including my clothes, got arrested, but never charged with anything, and returned with only my bicycle and my passport.
    Then I came home, packed what clothes I had left, bought a new camera and headed to Vancouver, for a day before moving on to Japan, where I packpacked across the country for two weeks. Climbed Mount Fuji and was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for some of the coolest festivals on earth.
    The summer has been a blast so far, I feel as if my mind is bursting with all the new experiences, and different ways of thinking I’ve been exposed to. It’s been an amazing summer, that I’ll remember always!
    Hope to see you again soon, I want to talk to you about some photo’s I took.

  8. The answers to your questions are: no, working, and complete debachery (well, after defending the PhD). =)

  9. Dude, the summer is so not over!

  10. summer over? no, perhaps overdone a bit

    I’ve forgotten your other questions because I was still affected by your lovely post about your grandmother. We all want to be remembered, and you did a great job for Myrtle. She, you and Mrs J will be in my prayers tonight.

  11. Is the summer over? Hmmm…perhaps. And since Fall is so incredible in itself, that is okay by me!

    We usually spend our summers trying to keep cool and inventing things to do after the sun goes down…Colorado Night Live is amazing if only because we are cooped up during the day…lol

    Name something spectacular about my summer? Hmmmm… went on some road trips, went back to NH for a bit, saw lots and lots of concerts – yeah! I guess I DID have a spectacular summer! Thank you for helping me recognize that…

  12. To me, summer barely began. This is the first summer when all I did was work. 45 hours a week I barely had time to enjoy it.

    Normally I just spend my summers just relaxing but this summer was non-existent, let alone having anything exceptional.

  13. Summer is over when the last event of the season has taken place. And that was two weeks ago. Booo, and bye bye.

    Summers are usually spent working around the country and sweating. And, unfortunately for me, the last three summers have involved moving. But, luckily, I also get to spend at least one week, at the cottage. And that was summer is really about for me – getting everything else out of the way so that cottage/lake time can be nothing but enjoyed.

    This summer was very exceptional because I moved in with a boy! And am very much in love. And it’s nice that it will carry on into the seasons to come.

  14. Do you think summer is really over? racious i hope so! im such a winter baby

    How do you normally spend your summers? hiding from the triple digit temperatures

    Was there anything exceptional about this summer? Did you do something special? i survived

  15. I like to spend my summer jumping up and down on the bed, watching television, making a mess of my room, chase my neighbors chickens ,uh, I mean cows, all afternoon, make sure the water hose is connected to the hydarent, and make it seem like I’m peeing in the yard when my neighbors come home from work.

  16. I loke too send mi supper on uh enternet.

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