Wanted: The Haligonian

For Being Too Cool For His Own Good and For Turning a Year Older Today

Aliases: “Couch Painter”, “Karaoke King”, Zanta-In-Training, The Pied Piper of Blogland, Ian

Seen here in natural state, and in disguise.


Date of Birth: Mar 23, <Year Undisclosed>
Place of Birth: <TOP SECRET>
Height: Tallish
Weight: 10 pounds lighter than you think
Complexion: Lightish
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Sex: Male
Build: Medium
Race: Well run

He can blend in with any crowd, becoming virtually invisible.

Occupation(s): Various
Nationality: Canadian
Remarks: The Haligonian has ties to Russia, Washington DC, Boston and Toronto. He has fled Blogland, and it is uncertain if he will return. Locating him is not an easy task, as he frequents different pubs and changes his patterns daily. The only common thread is the Guinness that he loves to drink so much.

He is the arsonist of the hearts of women everywhere.


The Haligonian is wanted for allegedly charming the pants off of everyone. He has written some of the best stories and painted such vivid imagery that he has made almost all other blogs pointless to read. He has been causing trouble in Karaoke Bars by trying to bring in his portable keyboard, and he has been seen hanging out with ex-Canadian Idols (Herein known as Canadian Idles).

Seen here in his youth, sowing the seeds of musical destruction he would harvest in his later years…

Considered Armed (With superior diction) and Extremely Dangerous (Awesome dance moves with all the Sweet Hookups)

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact Barking Space as soon as possible.

He employs hi-tech methods of eluding the law…>


Barking Space is offering a reward of up to 2 haiku poems for information leading directly to the capture of The Haligonian.

Pictured here in his political activism uniform…

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

16 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Ian….. may you have many more…

  2. Have a super birthday, Ian! ~Mattie

  3. While Ian may never return to blogland, we can take comfort in knowing that even he has been a victim of fashion. Somewhere, Bill Cosby is missing a sweater. Happy birthday buddy – I made a post for ya too 😉

  4. Jorge you crazy f&%ker! Thanks for putting out the APB… Remember I am doing some fieldwork for our next endeavour together… International Intrigue Consultants…. so it may not be such a good idea to resurface.

    And you are a clever bastard too. Nice work.

    And thanks to Denise, The Shellie, and Mattie for the b-day wishes. You guys rock the casbah!


  5. Ian – check your email! I sent you a surprise!! Happy Birthday, man. We do miss you here in Blogland. I have no one to fully appreciate the Cancun stories without you around, and I’ve headed back this summer!!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Jorge – You’re a genius!! This was perfect.

  6. Tee hee! Jorge you crack me up. I love that you’ve stolen a bunch of Ian shots for your blog. Now you’ve made me miss Ian and his blog! Happy Birthday Ian!

  7. Happy Birthday Ian!!!! I miss you..

    And Jorge. You are just too much:)
    too much awesome.


  8. You did such a great job ….with friends like that …who needs enemies … …seriously ..good job 🙂

    i’m doing well ….hope you are too 🙂 ..TTfN

  9. “Seen here in his youth, sowing the seeds of musical destruction he would harvest in his later years…”

    too funny! Did he destroy that sweater, while he was at it?

  10. “He is the arsonist of the hearts of women everywhere.”

    I don’t know why, but that line made me laugh my ass off!

    I don’t know you, Ian, but I hope you had the happiest of birthdays!

  11. Happy Birthday Ian, you’re missed 🙂

    Hope things are going well Jorge…?

  12. I dropped by based on a comment you left on http://missbhavens.blogspot.com/ it was a funny comment so I thought I would check out your site……Happy Birthday, BTW

  13. Yay Ian! Happy Birthday!

    (Great job here, Jorge. Very sneaky and surprise birthday-like)

  14. I will have to check on the score for “Forgotten”, I know a guy who has a ton of soundtracks….

  15. You had me at karaoke bar . . .

    Happy birthday!!

  16. Hi Jorge!

    What a great Birthday tribute to the Haligonian. He has dissapeared as of late, but I think he’s still around! LOL! Perhaps if you send him an e-mail… He may respond, but he was very busy the last time I received an e-mail from him. I have taken a silent stand and stopped drinking Keith’s as a result of his blog-passing…

    Take care!


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