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Contact Question

So, the photography festival (in which I have an exhibit) is coming up in May, and I am having a big problem deciding what to do.

I have too many ideas as to what to put up on the wall, so maybe you all can help me out.

The idea is to stick to the theme of globalization and the erosion of cultural borders. Rather than coming up with some twisted interpretation as to how the shoe-in nature photos convey this message, I am instead relying on other images and presentation ideas.

For example, I was thinking of using this photo of kids playing soccer on the streets of Lisbon, and pairing it with a photo from Lisbon…

The kids are Portuguese, playing soccer with what is most likely a ball from Pakistan, wearing shoes that are probably from Taiwan with a foreign movie poster in the background.

What I would ask you to do, my friends, is to go to my photography page and let me know what you think are images that demonstrate the theme and why. I already have some choices, but I have not sent them to print yet.

Let me know!

Thanks in advance,