Contact Question

Contact Question

So, the photography festival (in which I have an exhibit) is coming up in May, and I am having a big problem deciding what to do.

I have too many ideas as to what to put up on the wall, so maybe you all can help me out.

The idea is to stick to the theme of globalization and the erosion of cultural borders. Rather than coming up with some twisted interpretation as to how the shoe-in nature photos convey this message, I am instead relying on other images and presentation ideas.

For example, I was thinking of using this photo of kids playing soccer on the streets of Lisbon, and pairing it with a photo from Lisbon…

The kids are Portuguese, playing soccer with what is most likely a ball from Pakistan, wearing shoes that are probably from Taiwan with a foreign movie poster in the background.

What I would ask you to do, my friends, is to go to my photography page and let me know what you think are images that demonstrate the theme and why. I already have some choices, but I have not sent them to print yet.

Let me know!

Thanks in advance,


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  1. This is a generic message for all the sexy Nominees for Mr & Ms April, Playboy/Playgirl bunny! Congratulations! Voting starts on March 20th
    feel free to link us up on your space and get your visitors voting for ya!!

    If you dont like the pictures we have selected, let us know and we will remove and replace with any you would rather use!

    Good Luck… may the sexiest spacers win! 😉

  2. just out blog surfing and wanted to leave a comment…that way you would know that i have been here…maybe if you have some free time you might stop by my space sometime…i just put in a lot of new pictures over the last few weeks….

    :o) smiles are free… :o) and contagious… :o) so pass them on… :o) to people you love… :o) and even to those you don’t… :o)

  3. [The scene opens with a man running a furniture store. A person walks in whom the store owner recognizes as the owner of the deli across the street.]

    FURNITURE GUY: Hey there. Thanks for visiting my store.
    DELI GUY: No problem.
    FURNITURE GUY: I was wondering if you could do me a favour? Could you tell me what I could do to make my store better?
    DELI GUY: Sure! [Ignores the question.] Did you know that I have ham on sale on Thursdays? $1.99 for 100g! Talk to you later!

    [Deli guy walks out.]

  4. Jorge – Hahaha. Funny thing is, these people you’re mocking will probably NEVER understand that you’re actually mocking them.

    I’m working on your pictures. I’m slow, but steady.

    They’re all so good, it just baffles my mind!

  5. You are indeed the king.

    Le Roi de Mocking! (I’m bad, I don’t know the French word for mocking)

    You my friend have gone Spaces comment smackdown on people who will never appreciate your genius. Lesser men may have been tempted by Miss/Mr April Playgirl/boy bunny beckoning or free smiles… but not you my friend. You were born of a different ilk. An ilk as rare as Mendelevium on the Periodic table…

    So you go Zen master Jorge with your David Carradine voice, your inner piece and your quick wit.

    And a message to those not reading what Jorge boy posts here…. you guys are missing out. Try removing your heads from your arses once in a while and peruse some really good stuff.

    My loonie and change…

  6. I love a good challenge. Will take a look through the portfolio and will also humbly submit several of myself drinking in Toronto for your consideration.

  7. Why is my profile pic of a man, baby?

  8. Hi there!! Just out and about spreading some love!!
    Hope you have a great week!! And happy hump filled
    humpday in advanced!!


  9. G3bI2.jpg Just the overall image seems to fit the theme you’re “shooting” for.. (pardon the pun).

    You know, I like how you “theme” your photography and you seem to have an organized workflow. I just go out, shooting blindly — so to speak…. One of these days I’ve GOT to get to the city and get some of the “life” there.
    Once it warms up, this little suburb I’m in might even perk up a bit.

    Good luck with the exhibition. This is sooo exciting! I am happy for you!!

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