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Check Out This Little Number…

Well, I’m not pimping my own blog here. I am pimping a blog belonging to my friend James. He’s a wonderful poet and friend and he’s started building on something I started on here.

In the spirit of stupid spam names*, I have previously written a few scenarios in which the strange names extracted from the headers of spam become colourful characters in various situations…

James has taken this idea and run with it, writing a new scenario about a football team. Go check it out!

* – To understand what I mean, you’ll have to check that link out.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks Jorge! You are the best… and anyone who thinks they have some amusing SPAM names, be sure to send them either to myself or Jorge, your spammer just might appear in our next odyssey! 😉

    Stay classy, Blogland!

  2. Hey Jorge,

    thanks for visiting my blog, leaving a comment AND bringing my mistake to my attention (on Courtney’s blog!). Whew. Now that thats out of the way, why have I left you eternally hungry for crawfish? I’m sure theres some way you can get your hands on them! Somewhere, somehow! OR if you ever happen to come to Louisiana one day you must try them out. Absolutely worth it!! Yum- I am hungry now. Dammit!

  3. Jorge – as always, you’re responsible for directing us to fun and fabulous places.

    As per our other conversation – I promise not to get distracted anymore. 😉

    You jorge!!

  4. LOL .. all of my spam is in Asian languages…

    Hmm.. I have no idea how to be creative with that one…


    Best of luck to the creative juices flowing out there..

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