Unified Wellness Theory

A Unified Wellness Theory

The human body is a complicated thing. Complicated things are very interesting, especially when you consider trying to figure out how they work.

Anything with such complexity is a paradox.

It is something that has the capacity to work exceedingly well.

It also has the capacity to have many things wrong with it.

This is one topic that occasionally surfaces in my mind due to the fact that I know I have the ability to worry myself into a state of sickness.

Today is just my attempt to put some of these thoughts somewhere more permament than my brain.


Given how much crap we put into our bodies, it is no small wonder that we get sick fairly frequently as a species.

These toxins leave us open for assault from all manner of germs and such.

I had a conversation with a wise man recently.

He told me that people are in the hospital for three reasons (I’m paraphrasing)…

  1. They have something in their body (viral, bacterial, etc)
  2. They have something on their body (wound, lesion, etc)
  3. They have something in their mind

The first two groups of people need no explanation. Something external has created a problem for them on or in their bodies. The argument here: most people in the hospital are part of the third group. These people, in essence, give themselves disease.

Now, I’m not necessarily as heavy-handed in the way that I think about sick people. However, there is a lesson here. I’ll take you along my line of thinking.


Certainly reality dictates that everything will fail from time to time. If you think about the fact that we are made up of millions and millions of tiny organisms, and each of those organisms are composed of a large number of atoms, you can’t help but wonder how many screw-ups there are. Think about it. Cells divide all the time. Once in a while there has to be a mistake. Usually these are caught by the body, but once in while, they are not.

Welcome to disease.

So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that mistakes might happen more often if we make them happen more often?

Our thought process is governed by chemical reactions. Ironically, our thought processes can result in other chemical reactions. By thinking we can affect our body.

So the third category of people listed previously are those who don’t aid their body in the task of getting rid of the disease they have. They actually end up aiding the disease.

Happiness is a State of Mind

Will being happy and cheerful all the time make you invulnerable?

Probably not.

There is a good chance that grinning like an idiot in the path of an oncoming train will permanently change your smile.

At the same time, frowning and fretting will probably not give you a higher chance of getting struck by lightning. Unless, of course, you mope around in a field with no cover during a thunderstorm.

I would say, though, that maintaining a positive state of mind will aid your body in it’s quest to work as close to perfectly as possible.

Thinking positive thoughts probably creates a chemical reaction that affects the environment of your body positively, allowing your natural defenses to work unhindered.

Conversely, negativity probably hinders your body from healing itself.

When someone tells another that it’s all in their head (especially for psychological disorders), it can be quite a downer to the victim. ; They interpret it as something that they could just switch off if they wanted to. ; Perhaps they can’t just switch it off, but they can contribute to their well-being by thinking about getting better.


There are a lot of people who are opposed to taking medication because they feel that it is not natural and that the body can heal itself.

While there are probably a rare few on Earth who can regenerate their entire bodies after being dipped in a vat of hot acid, the rest of us have to make do with what little healing talent we have.

Drugs (natural and synthetic) are designed to help our body deal with what is wrong.

By reaching a positive state of mind, you’ll probably catalyze the effect of the treatment and get better a lot sooner.

The Bottom Line

As a complex machine, we have an obligation to do a little bit of maintenance every once in a while. We need to take care of ourselves and be more positive people.

This would take the sting out of most of what ails us, I believe.

Apologies if this sounds like a bit of a ramble. Just trying to jot down some thoughts…

12 Responses

  1. 70% of all illnesses heal themselves… no wonder alternative medicine works. (ok.. i might get shot at by saying that… probably by my mother. lol.) u can’t underestimate the power of the placebo effect.

    anyways, nice informative blog. some wise stuff, jorge. i like how the wise man stated 3 reasons for people being in hospitals… very true indeed. it’s been sooo long since i’ve stopped by.. and it’s a good one! thanks for always stopping by! 🙂

  2. You know what my comment would have been Jorge
    I wish I could regenerate..wouldnt that be the bees knees.

  3. Scovix – I’ll help ya! 🙂

    Clara – Welcome back! You’ve been missed!

  4. Great post, Jorge.

    It is true that we can do a lot to heal ourselves or make ourselves better just by our state of mind. I know for certain that at times in my life I have literally become sick due to stress or worry. Perhaps the stress or worry suppresses our immune system, or perhaps the negative emotions encourage illness….I don’t know…perhaps it’s a bit of both.

    It’s tough to maintain a positive attitude all the time, but when you can, everything seems easier. You, Jorge, seem to be very good at this. Hence, your Wolverine-like healing abilities! 😉

    I agree with Clara that alternative medicine is very effective for a great many illnesses, and I think that the medical establishment has a lot to do with the illnesses in our population now. Their tendency to prescribe something for every malady causes more harm than good. My own daughter had eczema. Our doctor kept prescribing hydro-cortisone cream and saying it would go away. It didn’t work and it didn’t go away. Then we went to a naturopath who got to the bottom of what was causing the eczema instead of just slapping some cream on the symptom. She has a wheat allergy. No wheat = no eczema. Our regular doctor wouldn’t even entertain the idea that a food allergy was causing it.

    I think I am rambling now…..
    shutting up.
    (great post though)

  5. You think like me! Happiness IS state of mind. I used to feel like such a failure for getting sick. I realize now that its something that happens to everybody, and sometimes, no amount of disenfectant is going to completely protect you. So I say, make the most of being sick! Sleep in, eat naughty food, and for goodness sake, watching something you love on tv! That is all.

  6. We are a society that has become obsessive about illness… it HAPPENS people! Accept it! 🙂 Everything has become anti-bacterial… I wonder about the WISDOM of this… SOME bacteria are GOOD for us! For instance… the bacteria living in your intestinal system! Without them, you wouldn’t be able to get any nutrition from FOOD that you eat!

    Meh. We are biological entities. We are prone to failure as any other organism is. I thoroughly agree with Jorge here. Look at what stress can do to your body! Stress is a purely mental phenomenon, and it can result in DEBILITATING diseases…

    We all need to lighten up! 🙂

  7. Wow – quite the thought-provoking post. I guess I should cut back on smoking 3 packs a day, huh?

  8. I agree with Shellie… Especially on the naughty food bit.

    Wow, this post was deeper than that mysterious hatch on the hit TV show LOST. You are like the grilling sage, wise, zen-like, the smell of marinade wafting to the rafters….

    I liked the happiness part of this entry… So many let their environment dictate their moods, its really more up to what is inside in my opinion. People can make really good things out of really crappy environmental circumstances.

    Hope all is well J-roc

  9. “There is a good chance that grinning like an idiot in the path of an oncoming train will permanently change your smile.”


  10. Hey….

    I know I haven’t been by in awhile. I’m in the process of catching up.

    Do you think of such things all the time? Is this how your brain works daily? If so, I’m envious.

    I agree. I am nursing a sore back. I will heal on it’s own, without drugs, but I’m not managing the pain very well, so I’m taking Tylenol 3’s to control it.

    The downside of this, is that I am sleeping WAY too much. Too much sleep had negative effects too. So now I have to work through those. BLAH!

  11. I look at it this way..

    Analogy time…

    You’re driving down the road. You’re on your way home. The sun is in your eyes, and it makes it difficult to go home. You can squint, but you are getting a headache.

    You start to stress because of the fact that the sun is in your face.

    This doesn’t necessarily help you get home faster. In fact, if you become agitated enough, you could get into an accident.

    Now, you COULD put the sunvisor down. It doesn’t remove the sun all the way, but it does help you deal with it by lessening the blow.

    You end up getting home with less risk of accident because you are not so stressed anymore.


    So keep popping T3 if you need to. It removes the symptoms. Your body is always healing. But healing doesn’t mean there is no pain.

  12. Makes sense. 🙂

    Going back to bed now…


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