Anniversary Photography

Today is the Anniversary of My Anniversary!

That’s right folks.

Three years ago today I found a woman crazy enough to marry me. We had a wonderful outdoor wedding (that I will certainly write about one day) with a lot of friends and family around us.

I won’t really go into too much detail (you’ll see why in a sec).

However, I thought I would post our vows and ring speeches.

We decided to write our own, to make it a more meaningful exchange…

Jorge’s Vows

My Dearest Mrs. J,
I love you.
When we began, who would have known what would happen? I was not looking to give my heart to anyone when we met, but you stole it from me.
Today is a special day that I have dreamed about for a long time.
It is the day that you, who have traveled the world over, decide to join me on an amazing journey. An adventure that will last for the rest of our lives.
Take my hand and I promise to be yours and only yours forever.
I have always admired your passion for life and love, your kindness, your devotion to your family and friends and your smile. I look forward to a life full of your wonderful qualities and will return my own.
I will hold you close in happiness and sadness alike. I will listen to and not just hear your words and thoughts and I will share your dreams with you.
I will give you my strength when you need it, and you will always have my heart unconditionally. I will stand with you through good times and bad.
I will always support and care for you, sheltering you as best I can from whatever the world throws our way.
Although we are two people, individuals each with our own thoughts and dreams, we will step forward from here as Husband and Wife.
There will be no trial too difficult for us to overcome together, and no success too small for us to celebrate as we progress along the path of life, hand in hand.
I will love, honour, cherish and respect you forever, as my wife and my best friend.
I promise.
A faithful heart always makes wishes come true.

Mrs. J’s Vows

My dearest Jorge. Today, before our families and friends, I commit my everlasting love to you. I choose you to be my husband, my love, my best friend, and my lifelong companion. As eternal soul mates, I join my life to yours to share this lifetime together forever.
My vow to you is that we will build our dreams together while allowing each other to grow with our individual aspirations and dreams. I will walk beside you, offering courage and strength through all of our endeavors and I will support you through all the changes of our years. I am grateful to know that whatever challenges we may encounter, we face it together.
I will listen to your deepest thoughts and promise to always be open and honest with you. I will forever trust you; I will cherish you for being you; and I will respect you.
I love you with my whole being and I will be proud to be your wife and your equal partner in our journey together.

Mrs. J’s Ring Speech

Jorge, this ring symbolizes the strength of our bond and our never ending love for each other. Let it always be a reminder of my promises to you today. I love you.

Jorge’s Ring Speech

I proudly stand before this gathering to take my place as your husband. This ring symbolizes the richness of our love and the bright future we will have together. Take this ring, Mrs. J and let us embark on our adventure. I love you.

For the record, I only stumbled on the third line of my vows. I memorized them.

Photography Show

Another photography show looms.

It will be at BOHO, a restaurant in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto.

I encourage anyone to go and have a brunch there, as their food is great, and the prices are amazing for the portions.

I am scared to go there for dinner myself (a bit more on the high class side of the price range), but I hear the food is excellent.

What makes this event more special is that my wife will also be exhibiting some of her photographs.

You can click here for more information.

You can click here to go right to a sample of her work.